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HealthEngine continually strives to make healthcare more accessible in Australia via increasing patient-practice transparency, this is what has driven us to become the #1 choice for patients looking to get better connected with their healthcare providers.

Our research has shown that dental practices who publish pricing increase their likelihood of patients booking with them, as patients get a better informed experience and have a greater level of trust for the practice. For this reason we’re improving how we display pricing on our dental practice profiles. 

Optimise your patient experience & performance

From a February 2020 survey of over 1200 patients, 82% of people said they would be more likely to book with a dental practice that displays their pricing on their HealthEngine profile, than with a practice that doesn’t*. 58% also avoided or delayed booking a dental appointment because they were unsure of the potential costs. 

The most common reasons for wanting pricing displayed were to avoid price shock, and to have more information to make informed choices. Availability, quality/rating and preferred private health insurance also ranked important or very important for most people. 

Of those surveyed the most common perceptions for those practices not displaying pricing information were:

  • They were likely more expensive (54%)
  • They don’t care enough to be transparent with their patients (27%)
  • That they are less trustworthy (16.5%)

A New (Better) look for pricing

We’re upgrading dental profile pricing to standardise how pricing is displayed, give patients a better user experience, and streamline the process for practices to manage this information on their profile.

Moving forward, practice treatment costs will be displayed per ADA code, pre-filled with user-friendly display name and ADA description. All you need to do is add your pricing to any treatments you’d like to share the pricing for on your profile.

We’ll also have a new feature allowing you to combine multiple treatments into a treatment bundle, allowing your patients to see a breakdown of which treatments are included in any appointment types you’d like to display on your profile. For example a ‘Check-up and clean’ might be made up of a Comprehensive oral examination, removal of calculus, and topical remineralising.

You’ll also be able to customise the display names, as well as descriptions to help further explain your treatment bundles. 

How this typically may appear on your practice profile

dental pricing view

While you’ll soon be able to add/manage all of this information in a new ‘Treatment Costs’ feature in the Edit profile section of Practice Admin, to be ready for the change and have all of your preferred treatment pricing automatically added to your profile as soon as the new display is launched, please ensure you take 2 minutes to submit your initial pricing information here.

Confirm your treatment pricing

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Maintaining competitiveness on a growing network

In just the last 12 months HealthEngine has seen a:

  • 63% rise in the total number of dental bookings
  • 40% increase in the number of new patient bookings per dental practice

For the average dental practice on HealthEngine, bookings continue to rise.

The rise in dental bookings

Above: Dental bookings on HealthEngine continue to rise

More than just new patients

HealthEngine is Australia’s home for healthcare with more than 3.6 million Aussies visiting HealthEngine every month. Pricing gives the trust and peace of mind for your users to continue to book with their preferred provider.

In fact, over 91% of bookings on HealthEngine are existing patients who book with their regular practice.

A patient using the HealthEngine app

Above: A patient using the HealthEngine app

How we’re actively encouraging repeat bookings

My Care Team – HealthEngine’s My Care Team allows patients to favourite their preferred providers, allowing them to rebook straight from their HealthEngine homescreen.

For patients, My Care Team offers them an easier way to book. Centralising their healthcare in one environment, it puts all their providers and practices right at their fingertips.

My Care Team home screen

Above: A patient’s view of their My Care Team 

And with over 1.7 million downloads of the app, more and more Australian’s are using HealthEngine to book appointments with their preferred provider.

6-monthly Reminders – We regularly remind patients to keep on top of their health, prompting them to check-in with their preferred providers every 6-months.

6-monthly reminder SMSAbove: A 6-monthly reminder SMS

For more information view the full Helpcentre guide here.

  • *Based on a survey conducted in February 2020 with over 1,500 patients that had made a booking via HealthEngine.

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