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Easily accept bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Power-up your current PMS with our integrated Online Booking System. Patients can book appointments quickly and easily via your website.

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Online Booking System Explained

How our Online Booking System Works

Be Accessible. Be Available. In today’s fast-paced world, the key to attracting new patients – or retaining current ones – is availability. Prevent patients looking elsewhere when their regular practice has no online availability by switching to Healthengine’s Online Booking System. Give the power to your patients and an instant boost to your bookings.
Convenience is Key. Power up your current practice management system with our integrated Online Booking System. Patients can book appointments quickly and easily via your website or Healthengine profile 24/7. With over 43% of online bookings made after hours, your online booking system keeps working well after you’ve closed the doors.

Online Booking System Benefits:

  • Accept bookings 24/7 via your website or Healthengine profile
  • Customise booking options
  • Reduce did not attends (DNAs) as patients must approve your cancellation policy prior to booking (optional)
  • Customise your policies that patients accept prior to completing their booking
  • Allow specific appointment types with individual practitioners to only be booked at certain times e.g. Dr Sing only does Telehealth on Thursdays
  • Let patients know specific information prior to their booking e.g. ask new patients to arrive 15 minutes early for their appointment
  • Monthly activity reporting

5 Simple Steps to Online Booking Success

Designed to deliver a complete end to end experience, patients will love the convenience of online booking while your front-desk team will love the reduced workload.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Booking System

How does this system work with my Practice Management Software (PMS)?

Healthengine’s Online Booking System works by reading your appointment book and displaying your available appointments online in real-time. Only those appointments that match the criteria defined by your practice at the time of installation will be displayed.

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How do you read my appointments?

We read your appointments through a piece of software called the ‘Appointment Connector’ which we install on your practice server. The Appointment Connector allows us to scan and read your appointment book to detect your available appointments and publish them online in real-time. When an appointment is booked by a patient online, the Appointment Connector scans your patient records, looking at the patient’s name, mobile number, and date of birth only, to see if the patient is existing. If it finds a matching record, it will add the booking to your appointment book – or create a new patient record if no match is found – and remove appointment slot online so it is no longer visible.

How do I know a booking has come through?

When a patient has successfully completed a booking, it will be automatically populated into your appointment book, together with the patient’s name and contact details. A booking made via the online booking system can be identified by an ‘HE’ symbol. For non-integrated practices, you will receive an email notification of bookings.

Will this affect my PMS or change how I have to run my practice?

No; Healthengine’s Online Booking System is designed to fit your practice needs and requirements. It works by mirroring your appointment book, so whoever looks after your PMS is still in control of the booking system. We only read your appointment book for availability and add appointments when they are booked. We do not store or share any data or make any changes to your appointment book.

How does a patient end up with the right doctor/appointment length/appointment type?

When a patient initiates a booking, they start by selecting the practitioner they’d like to see, followed by the appointment type. Each appointment type will have a default appointment length as set up during your online booking system install. The length of each appointment type is customised by you depending on your doctors’ preferences. This means that you are in complete control of how long a patient can book an appointment for.

Managing Your Account

Don’t you guys charge me for every booking?

No; any existing patient of yours who books via any Healthengine online booking channel (including the website plugin on your website,, or the app) is free of charge to you.

Is my patient data secure? What are you doing with it?

Healthengine uses patient information to provide and facilitate online booking services and to communicate with patients about those services (appointment reminders, for example).

We take all reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, interference, and loss from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure, including physical security to our business premises and procedures such as password protection, encryption, and site monitoring, for example.