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Easily take patient payments online, anytime.

Reduce no shows with prepayments, seamlessly collect patient payments both before or after appointments, the ability for practitioners to receive payments into their own accounts for Payroll Tax purposes and more.

Medical practices on Healthengine now have access to a new product, Online Patient Payments
Online patient payments are now available Healthengine, helping practices improve their patient experience

The Healthengine Payments experience

💰 For Payroll Tax purposes¹ practitioners can receive payments directly into their own Stripe accounts with no need for the practice to process the payment. Easily streamline payments administration across the whole team.

⛔️ Reduce your no shows with prepayments by turning upfront fees and required credit / debit card details into promises, motivating patients to commit to their appointment not just with their wallet, but with their presence.

💳 Easily collect payments before or after appointments, and send payment requests via SMS or email, saving invaluable time for your front desk and admin teams, eliminating the manual burden of transaction handling and awkward debt collection calls.

✅ Keep your patients’ minds at ease with crystal-clear payment details, displayed right in the Healthengine booking flow they already know and trust. An informed patient is a happy patient, and a seamless booking-to-billing experience builds lasting loyalty with your practice.

🔒 Patient’s credit card details are stored securely, with no need to take payment details over the phone. Submitted credit card details are stored when the booking is made, ready for collection at the push of a button.

⚙️ Build and customise your Payments solution for the unique needs of your practice, alongside your dedicated Healthengine Customer Success Manager. Select which appointment types to take payments for, specific date / time periods after appointments to collect payments and more.

How do Payments work?

The prepayment patient experience

Reduce your no shows with prepayments by turning upfront fees and required credit / debit card details into promises.

How do Payments work?

The post-payment patient experience

Collect and request payments after appointments, saving invaluable time for your front desk and admin teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice eligibility and setup

I'm hearing a lot about Payroll Tax, how does that relate to Healthengine’s Payments solution?

For Payroll Tax purposes, Healthengine’s Payments solutions gives GP practices the ability to enable practitioners to take direct payments from patients straight into their own Stripe account, rather than your practice processing payment and transferring funds back to the practitioner¹.

Who can get Payments?

Payments are available to practices on our GP Complete subscription (GP Complete has combined what was previously our PES Plus and Patient Connect subscriptions, with additional features included).

What are the costs involved with Payments?

Payments activation and setup are included as part of our GP Complete subscription (GP Complete has combined what was previously our PES Plus and Patient Connect subscriptions, with additional features included).

Thanks to Healthengine’s partnership with Stripe, a trusted third-party payment platform, we apply a small transaction fee to keep things running smoothly. You can find all the specifics about fees clearly laid out during your Payments activation setup or by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

If I already have a Stripe account, can I register that with Healthengine?

Unfortunately, no. In order to ensure that your practice gets your funds deposited correctly, you need to have a Stripe account that is linked to Healthengine. The only way to ensure this happens is to create a Stripe account through Healthengine’s Practice Admin during your Payments activation and setup.

How often will payments be deposited into our accounts?

The Stripe configuration is a weekly deposit, however for the first round of payments this might be delayed. You should receive payments within the first two weeks of activating.

Do I need to have Payments enabled on every appointment type?

Not if you don’t want to. For example, if your practice only wants to collect prepayments for one appointment type and have no Healthengine supported payments for any other appointment types, this can be setup during your activation.

What happens if a practitioner doesn’t have a Stripe account setup?

If a booking is made against a practitioner who doesn’t have a Stripe ID / account setup, the payment is made to the practice’s Stripe account for the practice to later distribute.

Before and after appointment payments

For post-payment appointments, how long do I have to collect a patient payment?

Post-payment collection is at the discretion of the practice. This can be completed any time from 1 hour before the appointment start time and up to 28 days after the appointment. After this time and date period has passed, you will need to contact the patient directly to collect payment.

If I have an appointment with prepayment enabled, when is the payment taken?

A prepayment is taken at the time of booking. The booking details are only entered into your PMS and Practice Admin once the payment has been successfully taken.

How does invoicing work for patients?

Invoicing is done via Healthengine, with invoices automatically emailed to patients upon completion of a payment.

If I refund a patient, does my practice still pay the transaction fee?

If you refund a patient’s payment, the patient receives their full payment back, and the practice’s transaction fee is waived.

I am worried that some patients may not book when prepayments are required?

We understand the concern about implementing prepayments for appointments. However, prepayments are increasingly becoming standard practice across various industries, including healthcare, to enhance efficiency and secure services. To ease this transition for your patients, you’ll have access to a suite of in-clinic posters, information slides for waiting room TV screens and ready-to-use social media posts to help educate your patients about the benefits and necessity of online payments, making them more comfortable with the new process.

Can I request a payment from a patient?

With our Payment Requests feature you can now send an email or SMS to your patient to request a payment. They’ll be taken to a secure online portal to make their payment. You’ll be able to check payment was made in your Healthengine practice admin account, and be able to reconcile your payments there too. Practices will need a Stripe account to be able to make Payment Requests.

¹Healthengine and its related entities cannot provide tax advice. This material has been prepared for information purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax advice. You should consult your own tax advisors in this matter.