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Continuity of care is something every practice strives to deliver. But, as many practices are finding, it’s not as easy as it once was.

In an article by Michael Wright for RACGP, Michael explores the role of continuity of care in modern Australia. He discusses the changes in Australia, from its ageing population to the increases in practice sizes, and how they are making it harder for patients to obtain ongoing care with one provider. 

“As our practices become larger and the complexity of the care we provide grows, it is timely to reflect on how patients experience (or fail to experience) continuity of care,” explains Michael.

So, this raises the question, can continuity of care be sustained in the modern health system?

With HealthEngine’s My Care Team™, yes it can.

Centralising healthcare for continuity of care

HealthEngine’s My Care Team™ is one of the most sophisticated retention tools on the market.

Centralising a patient’s healthcare into one seamless environment, it’s just one reason why 91% of bookings on HealthEngine are made by existing patients booking with their preferred provider.

For practices, My Care Team™ offers an easy way to nurture and sustain your existing patient base by offering continuity-of-care.

The ability for patients to continually book with their preferred provider allows practitioners to build a level of trust with patients that only comes from multiple visits, and that’s exactly what My Care Team™ promotes.

My Care Team™ home screen

Above: A patient’s view of their My Care Team™ 

How it works

Designed to create a seamless booking experience for patients, My Care Team™ puts a patient’s entire team of healthcare providers (GP, Dentist, Allied and Specialist) in the palm of their hand.

With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly add your practice to their My Care Team™ direct from the HealthEngine App – meaning your practice will appear on their home screen every time they open it.

My Care Team™ Patient Promo

Above: The simple steps a patient follows to add your practice to their My Care Team™ 

An easier way to book

For patients, My Care Team™ offers them an easier way to book. Centralising their healthcare in one environment, it puts all their practitioners and practices right at their fingertips.

And with over 1.7 million downloads of the app, more and more Australian’s are using HealthEngine to book appointments with their preferred provider.

My Care Team™ patient view

Above: The My Care Team™ prompt as seen by patients 

A better patient experience

The HealthEngine app is designed with patient experience in mind. 

In March, we launched a completely redesigned app to provide an even better experience for patients when booking with your practice. They liked the old app, but they love the new one, with more than 10,000 patients rating the app 4.8/5 on iTunes. 

Here are just a select few.

A selection of App reviews from patients

Above: More than 10,000 patients rating the app 4.8/5 on iTunes

Strengthen Loyalty Through Convenience

For practices to inspire loyalty they need to meet the growing expectations of the modern patient and that means offering convenience and flexibility. My Care Team™ offers that, but it’s HealthEngine’s complete solution in Patient Connect that truly champions continuity of care. And best of all, it’s available as part of our $0 Patient Connect Essentials solution.

HealthEngine’s Patient Connect is designed to help you build stronger connections with your patients by offering patients the level of convenience they now demand. 

With Patient Connect, your practice has access to Australia’s largest network of patients – over 7 million patients and over 26 million bookings – something no other online booking provider can offer. 

And, with 91% of patients on HealthEngine being existing patients, it’s a simple way to connect and stay connected with your patients where and when they are searching for you.

If you’re looking to improve retention within your practice while offering your patients a better booking experience, talk to our team today.

Contact us to learn more.

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