Patients can favourite your practice at the touch of a button

Designed to create a seamless booking experience for patients, My Care Team™ puts a patient’s entire team of healthcare providers (GP, Dentist, Allied and Specialist) in the palm of their hand.

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Your Key To Continuity of Care

With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly add your practice to their My Care Team™ direct from the Healthengine App – meaning your practice will appear on their home screen every time they open it.

A better patient experience

For patients, My Care Team™ offers an easier way to book. Centralising their healthcare in one environment, it puts a patient’s entire team of healthcare providers (GP, Dentist, Allied, and Specialist) right at their fingertips. 

My Care Team™

How My Care Team™ Works

Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless booking experience for patients.
  • Your practice will appear on your patient’s home screen screen every time they open the Healthengine App.
  • Simply track your My Care Team™ activity for your practice within your practice admin portal
  • Improve patient retention –  Ensure your patients rebook with your practice
  • Strengthen loyalty through convenience – My Care Team™ offers a better patient experience

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