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Healthengine is Australia’s #1 dental marketing tool, helping practices grow by raising their online presence and making it easier for patients to connect with their favourite healthcare providers online.

Why Healthengine?

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Australia’s #1 dental marketing tool.

When you compare everything you get with Healthengine, there is no comparison.

Return on Investment

Healthengine gives you the best, most trackable return on investment. Better than any other marketing tool.

Secure and official integration

Through our official & secure partnerships with Dental4Windows and Henry Schein One, (OASIS, EXACT and Dentrix) we keep everything seamlessly synced and running smoothly to save time and your reputation.

Healthengine's My Care Team

When a patient adds you to their My Care Team, your practice will pop up on their home screen every time they open the Healthengine app. Making booking easy.

Feedback and Reviews

After their appointment, we’ll send your patients a friendly reminder to give you a review, boosting your search engine rankings even more.

Patient Fees Explained

The new patient fees you pay are just for new patients and these fees go right back into furthering your online reach.

High ranking Healthengine profile

We work hard to ensure your Healthengine profile ranks high in search engine listings, giving
you more visibility, patients and bookings. Think of it like your own mini website.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

With Healthengine, you've got your own dedicated customer success manager and the support of our
marketing specialists working hard to get you more new patients and bring them back to your practice

Customer Story – eDental

The ease of business with Healthengine has been absolutely invaluable. Not just for online bookings. And not just for marketing support. But for general everyday business growth.

Kaitlin HampeleDental's Practice Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Dental Solution

Can you guarantee I’ll get new patients with Healthengine?

On average, Healthengine delivers six new patients per month to each of our listed dental practices. And if you’d like some live patient stats, check out our free Suburb Tool. Tap in your postcode to see the untapped potential for new patients in your area. You’ll see how many patients are actively seeking bookings on Healthengine, and the type of dental appointments they’re making.

Which practice management software providers do you integrate with?

Healthengine’s official integrations connect seamlessly with Dental4Windows, Henry Schein One – Dentrix, OASIS, EXACT, Praktika and more – syncing your booking availability and eliminating the need for you or your front-desk to double-handle appointment availability.

I’m so busy running my practice, won’t this just take up my time?

We hear you. And we’ve created the dental booking and marketing tool to save you time. Healthengine’s seamless integration with most practice management software eliminates the need for you or your front-desk to double-handle booking availability. But you can choose to do this manually if you like to be a bit more hands on with your admin. And you can dedicate as much or as little time as you like to checking how you’re tracking with the reports and booking stats you can access anytime via our Practice Portal.

How do I know if Healthengine is right for my practice?

If you want new patients, you’ve already answered your question. Healthengine is well practiced in practice growth – bringing you Australia’s #1 dental practice marketing tool to deliver new patients effortlessly and complement your existing marketing strategy perfectly.

Why should I use Healthengine instead of other dental marketing tools?

The biggest difference  between Healthengine and other dental practice marketing tools is a massive one. Healthengine is Australia’s largest patient network. No other competitor gives you access to so many patients to keep your books full. And unlike other dental marketing channels, Healthengine’s platform provides you with bonafide booked appointments, not just clicks or website visits. What’s more, you won’t pay for a patient if they don’t attend their booked appointment.


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