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Manage your reputation and rank higher in Google with patient Google Reviews and Healthengine ratings. Prompt patients to give you feedback.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Rank higher on Google as we’ll prompt all patients to leave you a Google Review which helps boost your search engine rankings.
  • No cost as we send all feedback surveys & Google Review prompts to all patients at no cost to your practice
  • Showcase your practice with responses from the Feedback surveys also contribute to the practice recognition rating featured on your Healthengine  Profile which helps attract new patients to your practice
  • Understand your patients enhance relationships & bring in returning customers
  • Quick & easy with only 3 questions for patients to answer & survey responses are at a 16% on average. This means more feedback & more engagement and more practice recognition ratings
  • Track your feedback over time via a snapshot of your feedback score at a point in time & easily access all your patient feedback in your Healthengine Practice Admin account.

How it works

Manage your reputation and rank higher on Google

Keep your finger on the pulse of your patient experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Feedback and Reviews

What is Feedback & Reviews?

Feedback & Reviews is a patient survey and feedback management tool that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your patient experience. It also allows you to increase your Google rankings by prompting patients to leave you a Google Reviews.

You’ll have easy access to insightful feedback reports – direct from Practice Admin.

How does Feedback and Reviews work?

After their appointment, your patients are sent a quick 3-question survey via email, or if the patient has the Healthengine app, an in-app notification. They’ll then also be prompted to leave you a Google Review. You can decide whether your patients receive the Google Review prompt or the Healthengine feedback survey first in your Practice Admin account.

Survey responses received, including your practice’s Word of Mouth score, is easily accessible via the Feedback section, under Products, in Practice Admin. Your Google Reviews are accessed via your Google My Business page.

Your Word of Mouth score will appear publicly on your Healthengine profile once more than 10 survey responses have been received.

If you’re using Best Practice, ZedmMed, or PracSoft practice management systems (PMS), the surveys will be automatically sent to ALL of your patients, regardless of how they booked. If you’re using a different PMS, surveys will be sent to patients who have booked via Healthengine only.

Please note that patients will only receive a maximum of one feedback request per 90 day period, i.e. if a patient receives a feedback request after their appointment, they won’t see another one until 90 days have passed, even if they have multiple appointments during this time. This is to ensure that they aren’t having to repeat the same feedback over and over.

What are the benefits of Feedback & Reviews?

With Feedback & Reviews you can get right to the heart of your patient experience by receiving more of the feedback that really matters, and from more of your patients. You’ll also benefit from the lift in your organic Google rankings via increased Google Reviews.

  • Discover and keep track of your practices Word of Mouth Score, to instantly assess both the quality of your patient experience, and the likelihood that you have positive word of mouth.
  • Get more feedback than you’ve ever received before by having shorter, easier to complete surveys sent to all patients instantly after their appointment, to complete when and where it’s convenient for them.
  • Receive more positive feedback to share with your team.
  • A simple way to allow patients to leave you a Google Review.
  • Hold onto more patients and prevent unwanted word of mouth by quickly reaching out to patients that have left negative feedback
  • See all of your results in a new, easy to use dashboard in the ‘Feedback’ tab, under the Products section in Practice Admin.

Where can I see the survey results / what does it look like?

All of your results are available via the ‘Feedback’ tab, under the Products section in Practice Admin. At a quick glance you can easily see your current Word of Mouth Score, and all of your individual survey responses.

How much does Feedback cost?

Feedback is provided to Healthengine practice customers currently to non-GP practices on a Patient Connect subscription, or for GPs on our GP Complete Subscription.

I would like to send patient surveys, how do I get Feedback?

To opt your practice into Feedback, simply login into your Practice Admin account, navigate to Products > Feedback and click the ‘Activate Feedback’ button.

Practices using Best Practice, Zedmed, or PracSoft practice management systems (PMS) will then be directed to the Preferences page where they can select which appointment books to send feedback surveys for. If you’re using a different PMS, Feedback will automatically configure to send surveys to only those patients who have booked via Healthengine.

What is the Word Of Mouth Score?

With your Word of Mouth Score, you can quickly and easily keep track of whether your practice is providing an experience worth recommending – one that will keep bringing in new patients, and ensures your existing patients want to stay.

The score is just the start though. The additional detail your patients provide in the surveys will highlight what they do and don’t like, and what changes you can make to keep improving.

The Word of Mouth Score is also known as a Net Promoter Score, a globally recognised metric for measuring customer experience, loyalty, and predicting growth. Your score is based on patient responses to the question asking them how likely they would be to recommend your practice (on a scale of 0 to 10), and is calculated by subtracting the % of patients who scored you 0-6 (detractors), from the % of patients who scored you 9-10 (promoters).

Each individual patient response will only contribute to your overall Word of Mouth Score for a period of 12 months. This means you may see changes to your Word of Mouth Score as older responses pass that time limit.

The rating that displays on your practice profile is based on the ratings provided by your patients within the last 12 months, and have said that they would recommend your practice, which is based on question 3 (as below). As the rating on your profile is based on the feedback received in the last 12 months, your rating may vary day-to-day based on the rating given within that 12 month timeframe.

What does the survey look like and what questions does it ask?

The survey is designed to be as quick and easy as possible for patients to complete, to encourage a high response rate while still capturing the most important feedback about their experience.

Your patients are asked 3 simple but important questions; with the 2nd question changing depending on how positively they responded to the first.

The more patients that complete the survey, the better the understanding you’ll have of your Word of Mouth score, and the deeper the insights you’ll capture to help your practice continue to improve. The last question (question 3) also contributes to the rating you receive on your Healthengine Professional Profile.


Question 1

Based on your appointment today, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend, family member of colleague?
0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely) scale


Question 2

If Question 1 answered 9 – 10, the following question appears:
How would you describe <Practice Name> to a friend?

If Question 1 answered 0 – 8, the following question appears:
What could we do better? Your feedback will help us improve.


Question 3

Just to confirm, would you recommend others to this practice?
Thumbs down image                    Thumbs up image
No                                                   Yes


Who sends the emails or in-app notification?

Healthengine sends the emails or in-app notification on your practice’s behalf. All communications are branded to appear as though they come directly from your practice. Patients will receive the communications between 1 and 2 hours after their scheduled appointment time.

If you’re a practice using Best Practice, PracSoft, or Zedmed practice management systems (PMS), the surveys will be automatically sent to all your patients, regardless of how they booked. If you’re using a different PMS, surveys will be sent to patients who have booked via Healthengine only for the time being.

What will the email look like?

See an example of the Feedback email below.

What options do my patients have?

Patients can choose to remain anonymous and can unsubscribe from receiving any future Feedback surveys.

Will my patient data remain secure and private?

Healthengine’s standard data security and privacy policies apply. We only fetch the first and last name, mobile number and email address of your patients for the sole purpose of sending them your Feedback survey. No other identifying information or medical information is sought in this process. All information is transmitted securely to Healthengine, and no information is ever passed on to a third-party. Patients can also choose to keep their survey responses anonymous.