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Reduced Workload. Reduced Expenses.

Free up more time for your front desk with quick and easy patient recalls via SMS, letter, or phone call; whichever method is most relevant for your patients.

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Seamless Patient Recalls

Did you know that the average practice sends 200 recall letters per month, at a cost of close to $500? That’s a lot of time and money going out the door! With HealthEngine’s Recall System, you’ll not only reduce your practice’s weekly workload but your expenses at the same time.

Reduced Workload. Reduced Expenses.

Free up more time for your front desk with quick and easy patient recalls via SMS, letter or phone call; whichever method is most relevant for your patients. With our unique bulk send option for all recalls, your front-desk team can process recalls in minutes, not hours, leaving them with more time to focus on providing a better in-practice experience for patients.

HealthEngine Recalls Benefits:

  •  Unlimited SMS Recalls (no messy credit bundles)
  •  Save costs on postage, printing and stationery
  •  Free up your staff time by managing recalls in bulk
  •  Improve patient response rate
  •  Monthly activity reporting
  • Secure 3-step verification
  •  Send recalls even faster with Recalls Categories
  •  Reduce your front desk staff workload

how it works

5 Simple Steps to Seamless Recall Success

Designed to make patients recalls as quick, easy and cost-effective as possible, your front-desk team will love the reduced workload while you’ll love the reduced expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the HealthEngine Recalls SMS function work?

Practices are able to create patient lists based on information within their PMS, and send a recall to an individual, or perform a bulk action (whereby multiple patients will receive an SMS recall, i.e. for pap smears or breast screens).

HealthEngine sends an automated link straight to the patient’s mobile device, via secure SMS, which initiates a three-point identity check. When the patient verifies their identity, they will see details of the electronic recall and can book an appointment instantly, via the practice’s Online Booking System.

Any attempt by the practice to contact a patient is recorded in the patient file. Additionally, all patient interaction with the recall message is recorded in the patient record, i.e. message delivered, message read, appointment booked.

Can I still send letters with HealthEngine Recalls?

Yes, HealthEngine Recalls has an inbuilt letter function, allowing practices to create, print, and track letters.

What PMS is compatible with HealthEngine Recalls?

The following PMS, while compatible with the HealthEngine Online Booking System, are not currently compatible with the HealthEngine Recalls system:
Front Desk

We also recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser when accessing HealthEngine Recalls to get the most out of our recalls system.

I am concerned about the security and privacy of patient data.

HealthEngine’s data security and privacy policies apply. In this particular instance, we sync your recalls for the sole purpose of facilitating practice-patient communication. All information is transmitted securely to HealthEngine, and no information is ever passed on to a third-party without patient consent.