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Booking Notifications

Notify patients, no matter how they book

We know patients prefer to book in different ways. From online bookings to phone calls or at the front desk. Now you can instantly send email or SMS booking notifications to all patients, even if they didn't book through Healthengine.

Booking Notifications - Patient receiving email or SMS notification from their practice after booking
Patient couple receiving a Healthengine Booking Notification SMS on their mobile pgone

Features and benefits

☎️ Reduce unnecessary calls to your practice and give all patients, no matter how they book, the booking experience they expect – email or SMS notifications are sent at the time of booking to your patient with their appointment information.

💬 Ensure there are no gaps in your patient communications as all patients will receive a notification, regardless of how they booked with your practice.

✅ Drop your DNAs and keep your GPs happy – patients can add their appointment directly to their online calendar straight from their automatic booking notification.

🔒 Toggle off for certain appointment types/practitioners based on the way you run your practice, for example where you use an appointment as a reminder for a GP to do a follow up call.

📑 Have full visibility of patient communications – easily view all booking notifications sent in your Practice Admin portal.

😄 Make it quicker and easier for patients to book with you next time as they are prompted to download the Healthengine app and favourite your practice to their My Care Team™ on our app home screen. They get the added benefit of having all their future bookings viewable in one place once they download the app. Learn more about My Care Team™.

📲 Cater to patients’ individual communication preferences with an opt-out link included in the email and SMS.

Booking Notifications


How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice information – Eligibility and setup

Who can get booking notifications?

Booking notifications are available in our GP Complete subscription with an eligible PMS of Best Practice, Pracsoft or ZedMed.

How much are booking notifications?

Booking notifications are included in our GP Complete subscription, there is no additional cost to your practice for either the feature itself or the SMS sends.

How do you read my appointments to send the booking notification?

For integrated practices (Best Practice, Pracsoft or Zedmed), we read your appointments through a piece of software called the ‘Appointment Connector’ which we install on your practice server. The Appointment Connector allows us to scan and read your appointment book to detect your appointments in real-time. When an appointment is booked and added into your PMS (Best Practice, Pracsoft or Zedmed), the Appointment Connector scans the patient record (the patient’s full name, email address, mobile number, date and time of appointment, time of booking, type of appointment booked, practitioner name, practice name, PMS appointment book and appointment creation time) and sees the appointment is not in Healthengine’s system to then send the booking notification.

Patient information – Email and SMS notifications

Is the booking notification sent via email or SMS?

The booking notification will be sent via email if the patient has an email address on file and they have not opted out to receive email communications from Healthengine. If there is no email address on file, the booking notification will be sent via SMS if the patient has not opted out of receiving SMS from Healthengine. If the patient has neither of these, no booking notification will be sent.

What if I don’t want to send booking notifications for all my patients?

You can set up booking notifications to send for specific types of appointments or practitioners at your practice. You can also choose to turn this product off at any time in Practice Admin.

What if a patient doesn’t want to receive the booking notifications?

Patients can opt out of receiving these types of communications from Healthengine directly from the booking notification email/SMS or you can add them to your blocked communications page, under the Account section of your Practice Admin portal.

What information is sent to patients in the booking notification?

For email notifications, the patient will receive the date, time, practitioner name and address of the practice. For SMS notifications which are much shorter, the patient will receive the date and time of their booking. Both communications include the option to opt out as well as a link prompt to download the Healthengine app and favourite your practice to their My Care Team™.

I am worried about sending another communication to my patients?

Healthengine has reviewed the entire patient journey as part of the development of this feature. Sending these messages helps give patients peace of mind their appointment is booked and they’re less likely to forget their appointment or come on the wrong day/time. Patients can opt out of receiving these communications from Healthengine directly from the email or SMS at anytime.