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Appointment Reminders

Make missed appointments a thing of the past

The fast and easy way to no more ‘did not attends’. Send an SMS, email, or in-app notification to all your patients – regardless of how they booked.

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Reminders Plus

Reminders Plus gives your practice more customisation and control over your appointment reminders, and gives patients the ability to confirm, cancel and rebook their appointments all via SMS or in-app notification. You can also craft your reminder message and select which practitioners and appointment types they are sent for.


  •  Unlimited reminders delivered via SMS, email or Healthengine app (iOS)
  •  Viewable patient responses using your Reminders Dashboard
  • No per SMS costs
  •  Instant re-booking option (Reminders Plus)
  • Customisable reminders (Reminders Plus)
  •  Instant republishing of canceled appointments

how it works

4 Simple Steps to Appointment Reminder Success

Delivered via SMS or the Healthengine app, patients can confirm, cancel or rebook; making it more than just a friendly reminder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked this a lot

Who is eligible for Reminders Plus?

Reminders Plus is currently available to GPs only.

How much does Reminders Plus cost?

Reminders Plus is available as part of the GP Complete subscription and includes unlimited SMS, available to GPs only.

Who sends the reminder SMS?

Healthengine sends the SMS reminders on your practice’s behalf. The reminders will be sent to all patients, regardless of how they booked, ensuring all of your patients receive a reminder, not just those who booked online.

Does Reminders read from my consent settings?

Reminders Plus will read from your SMS consent settings so you can exclude selected patients.

Does Reminders need to integrate with my PMS to work?

Yes – Reminders requires your practice management software to be integrated with Healthengine. Reminders Plus is compatible with the majority of GP Practice Management Software.

Will my patient data remain secure and private?

Healthengine’s data security and privacy policies apply – the privacy and security of both your practice’s and your patients’ data is our priority. We only fetch the mobile number, name, email address, and appointment time of your patients for the sole purpose of sending them an appointment reminder SMS. No other identifying information or medical information is sought in this process. All information is transmitted securely to Healthengine, and no information is passed on to a third-party without patient consent.