Patient Appointment Management System (PAMS)

An end-to-end fully integrated booking and appointment management platform designed to support pharmacies in time for the 2021 flu season and the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Pharmacy Solution

The complete booking and appointment management system for pharmacies

Built for Pharmacies

Designed to support community pharmacies in time for the 2021 flu season and the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines in pharmacy as part of Phase 2A of the national vaccine program.

Seamless Integration with MedAdvisor’s PlusOne

Reduce the amount of manual data entry with our direct integration with PlusOne. Patient booking details and pre-screening responses integrate from PAMS directly into PlusOne.

Booking and appointment management platform

HealthEngine’s Patient Appointment Management System (PAMS) for Pharmacies provides an end-to-end pharmacy booking and appointment management platform.

An end-to-end vaccination solution

An end-to-end vaccination solution, from online bookings all the way through to submission of vaccination information to the AIR.


The system offers a comprehensive booking solution with capabilities such as:

  • An online booking system
  • Management of customer bookings (including walk-ins)
  • Ability to manage appointment availability 
  • Online pre-screening forms
  • Electronic recording of vaccination encounters (powered by MedAdvisor’s PlusOne)*
  • Automatic submission to the AIR (powered by MedAdvisor’s PlusOne)*
  • A recall system to remind patients to return for their subsequent vaccine dose (powered by MedAdvisor’s PlusOne)*
  • Payment gateway facility
  • A voucher management system

*MedAdvisor PlusOne subscription required to access these features. Go to

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