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Everything can always be made better, right?

It’s a question we constantly ask ourselves here at HealthEngine, and it’s what has driven us to become the #1 choice for patients looking to get better connected with their healthcare providers. 

Here are 5 reasons why HealthEngine is the clear choice for Aussies.

Patients choice infographic


Let’s take a deeper look at what makes HealthEngine THE preference for patients.

1. The place for your existing patients

HealthEngine is Australia’s home for healthcare with more than 3.6 million Aussies visiting HealthEngine every month.

And it’s far from just a new patient platform with existing patients also choosing HealthEngine as their preferred booking method due to the ease and convenience of being able to find, book and manage all of their healthcare appointments in the one location.

In fact, over 91% of bookings on HealthEngine are existing patients who book with their regular practice.

2. Over 7 million Australians have made more than 30 million online bookings through HealthEngine

More Australians use the Healthengine Network to find, connect and stay connected with their preferred healthcare providers with 3.5 million monthly visits and over 3.6 million patients booking appointments in the last 12 months.

Since 2012, more than 1 in 4 Australians have used HealthEngine to book an appointment with over 30 million bookings made in total through HealthEngine.

3. Over 1 million bookings per month for the last 4 months

In a clear sign that Australians are embracing the ease and convenience of digital health, HealthEngine received a record 1-million bookings in May of this year – the same number of bookings in a single month that first took a full three years to achieve!

And, the momentum hasn’t stopped there with our bookings topping the million mark for every month since!

4. Over 700,000 new users since the start of May

More and more Australians are choosing HealthEngine as their preferred platform with over 1.7 million downloads of the app and more than 700,000 new users since the start of May alone. 

In fact, in the last year alone, more than 1.3 million Australians made a booking on HealthEngine for the first time.

It’s a clear sign that HealthEngine is the Australian patients’ choice for booking appointments with their preferred provider.

5. 4.8* App Store rating

In March 2019, we launched a completely redesigned mobile app to provide an even better experience for patients and the feedback has been incredible.

They liked the old app, but they love the new one, with more than 10,000 patients rating the app 4.8/5 on iTunes.


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