Allow your patients to check in online

Allow patients to check in online when they arrive for their appointment and streamline your front desk.

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Features & Benefits:

  • No kiosk needed: Save thousands of dollars and allow your patients to check in via SMS or app.
  • Reduces front desk workload: Maximise efficiency & spend time with the patients who need it most.
  • Reduce your contact with potentially infectious patients: Protect your staff.
  • Choose to also enable Waiting Room: Allow patients to see their live place in the queue once they’ve checked in.

How it works


Check-Ins reduces stress on your front desk by allowing your patients to self check in for their appointment and see their live place in queue while they wait for their appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Check-Ins

Is it private and secure?

Check-Ins is easy, private and secure. No personal health information is shared on Check-Ins. We simply use a PMS integration to determine when to send patients their self-check-in message and to calculate their live place in queue.

What if I only want check-ins and not place in queue?

We have created preferences for Check-Ins so that you can choose whether you would like to have just the check-in feature or just the place in queue feature – it’s up to you. Simply switch off either feature in the ‘Preferences’ page under Practice Admin > Bookings > Check-Ins as you prefer.

Can patients still check-in at the front desk?

Yes, if a patient still prefers to check-in at the front desk, they will be able to do so. The front desk staff can continue to check patients in the normal way by manually updating their arrival status in the appointment book. If place-in-queue is enabled, the patient will then receive their place-in-queue message after being manually checked in, as usual.

Who can use it?

Check-Ins is available to all practices integrated with Best Practice, Pracsoft, or Zedmed that have a Patient360 Premium subscription. Simply navigate to Practice Admin > Bookings > Check-Ins to activate it today!

If you are subscribed to Essentials and would like to have Check-Ins, simply talk to your Customer Success Manager about upgrading to the full Practice Efficiency Suite.