Serious About Security

Here at HealthEngine our philosophy is simple: we’re committed to maintaining the integrity of personal information and providing full transparency in everything we do.

Committed to providing the highest standards of care and confidentiality, we’ve made privacy and security our top priority. That’s why we design all of our products with security at their heart.

We’re upfront and transparent about any information we collect and what we use it for. And most importantly, once collected, we keep it secure. All information is transmitted securely to HealthEngine, and no personally identifying information is ever shared with a third-party without the patient’s consent.

Personal Privacy

We’re passionate about keeping your personal information exactly that. We comply with both the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles but our commitment doesn’t stop there.

We have a strict directive from our CEO, a dedicated Privacy Officer, compulsory staff training & assessments and regular reviews of our privacy systems and processes.

We notify every patient what information is collected, why it’s being collected and what it’s being used for and we delete or de-identify any personal information when it’s no longer required.

HealthEngine works with specifically selected partners to provide helpful services to our patients. Our patients will only receive communications from our partners if they opt-in to being contacted.

You can rest assured knowing everyone at HealthEngine is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy

Data Security

At HealthEngine, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is paramount. We’re dedicated to preventing the compromise of private information of both our users and staff.

We do that by implementing business-tailored, industry-standard security controls and following best practice security advice. We maximise security by minimising the amount of data transmitted between our servers and your PMS. Data is always transmitted securely over an encrypted channel (TLS encryption in transit), with sensitive data always encrypted at rest, within the database.

HealthEngine web sites and mobile application are subject to penetration testing and regular security reviews, adhering to stringent Australian Digital Health Agency operating standards and our software packages are digitally signed to prevent tampering.

Our Terms of Use

We are actively introducing and enhancing our security controls focussing on:

  • Security governance and architecture
  • Identity and access management
  • Secure coding practices
  • Security awareness training
  • Server and application patching
  • Device management and protection
  • Physical and personnel security
  • Incident response

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