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Starting their own dental practice was the dream for dental surgeons, Dr Jennifer Chan and Dr Timothy Tay. But soon after opening Simply Teeth in West Perth they quickly found when it came to patients, it wasn’t as simple as ‘if you build it, they will come’.

Despite investing in great facilities and top-of-the-range equipment, attracting new patients was proving difficult. As Jennifer explains, the problem was with their advertising. “When it came it advertising, we didn’t know where to start. We were starting from ground zero… we tried all sort of things like flyers, promotions. I mean basically, we didn’t know what worked. So it was very, very difficult at the start.”

After trying unsuccessfully with flyers, newspaper advertising and SEO, Jennifer discovered HealthEngine’s range of patient marketing products. Having previously integrated HealthEngine’s Online Booking System to offer patients an added level of convenience, Jennifer had already built a level of trust with HealthEngine – which is why they decided to trial our Google Ads (paid search) product. It also helped that HealthEngine was the first and only Google Premier Partner in Australia specialising in health.

Designed to make your practice more visible to new and existing patients, Google Ads rockets you up the search rankings, making you one of the first options available on a list of search results for practices in your area. With 75% of internet users never scrolling past the first page of Google, securing first-page real estate has never been more important.

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Proof is in the data 

After a brief budgeting session with their HealthEngine Practice Consultant, and a quick strategy session with one of our Google Certified Digital Campaign Managers, Simply Teeth used HealthEngine to launch their first Google Ads campaign.

During 2017 their paid search ads were seen 186,214 times, with 3,120 clicks on their listing

This generated 96 bookings, at a conversion rate of 3.1%, outperforming health industry benchmarks of 2.5% for search ads.

  • 59 were click-to-call conversions straight from Google ads
  • 37 were online bookings – 31 of which were new patients

Dentist at Simply Teeth explaining tooth problem on a computer

Measurable performance

It wasn’t just the influx of new patient bookings that impressed Jennifer; the ‘Pay for Performance’ aspect of Google Ads meant a measurable return on investment.

“With HealthEngine, your ads link back to the booking. You actually know how many patients you got through HealthEngine so you actually see the result of what you are paying for.”

When asked what effect HealthEngine had on the number of new patients using Simply Teeth, Jennifer’s answer was simple: “it’s made a world of difference.”

It’s easy to get started

The good news is, you can learn all about how Google Ads works in one of our previous Marketing Masterclass blogs. Or you can find out how HealthEngine’s Google Ads product can help grow your business today.

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