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With 75% of internet users never scrolling past the first page of Google, securing first-page real estate has never been more critical. Designed to make your practice more visible to new and existing patients, Google AdWords positions you as one of the first options available in Google searches.

Pay for Performance

With a Google AdWords campaign, your business will attract more attention by appearing higher in search results. As a pay-per-click service, you only pay when prospective patients click on your ad to visit your website or call you. So you only pay when your ads are working!

Google Premier Partner

Our exclusive partnership with Google means you can leave your Google AdWords campaign in trusted hands while you focus on your business.

Appear at the top of search results on Google, target patients who are ready to make a booking now and only pay when potential patients click on your ad to visit your website or call you. Enjoy flexibility with your monthly budget based on results you want to see.

Google AdWords Benefits:

Partner with the Best

HealthEngine is the first and only Google Premier Partner anywhere in Australia that specialises in health.

  •  Attract more patients by appearing at the top of Google search results
  •  Effective targeting – show your practice to patients ready to make a booking
  •  Measurable results with monthly reporting
  •  Flexible budgets
  •  Pay for Performance – only pay when prospective patients click on your ad
  •  Ongoing support based in Australia
  •  Budget rollover – any unspent media spend rolls into the next month
  •  No booking fees for all new patient bookings generated from your campaign

how it works

7 Simple Steps to Search Success

Designed to make your practice more visible to new and existing patients, Google AdWords rockets you up the search rankings making you one of the first options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdWords?

The Google AdWords campaigns that HealthEngine runs can also be referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This refers to the paid advertisements in the Google search results – which are distinguished by a green ‘Ad’ symbol to the left of the Google search results listing. Search Engine Marketing shows ads via a pay-per-click system to people who are searching for relevant services. Every time someone searches on Google, there is an auction that takes place in the back end which allows Google to determine which ads it will show based on both relevancy to the user’s search and the how much the advertiser is prepared to pay.

What we do on our end is optimise the Google AdWord campaigns towards positive ROI (return on investment) and conversions (bookings and phone calls) to ensure our clients’ businesses are growing. Some areas require higher investment in order to compete for the quality conversions, while other areas of the campaign might benefit from less allocated budget to ensure that the spend is in balance with the amount of revenue it is delivering. We focus on ensuring that the ROI remains positive and that the budget is being invested in what is driving the most bookings and phone calls for the lowest costs.

Will I be charged for new patient bookings that I receive via my SEM campaign?

We can confirm that you will only have been charged for new patient bookings that came directly through your HealthEngine listing. This means that you will not be charged for any bookings made through your website or from your Google AdWords campaign. If you log into your practice admin then navigate to Patient Match -> Booking, you will be able to see the online booking details for patients that booked via your SEM campaign. Any SEM online bookings will be clearly marked with a purple SEM symbol.

If you have any examples that you would like us to double check or any further queries about this, you can email, and our support team will be able to help you with your query.

How is the AdWords budget used?

We charge the lowest industry standard 30% management fee, and the rest of your budget goes straight into your Google AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is pay-per-click so your campaign’s budget will only be spent on the clicks that you receive. The average cost-per-click can fluctuate depending on the keyword, as well as traffic and competition at the time. For these reasons, there may be fluctuation in Google AdWords spend, and if all of your budget is not spent in one month then any unspent amount will be rolled over into the next month’s spend.

Why do I need both SEM and Featured Listings?

Our healthcare directory and the HealthEngine app receive over 1.5 million unique users each month and furthermore, we are also a Google Premier Partner offering Google AdWords and the only one in the healthcare industry. Having these two healthcare traffic giants in your marketing strategy increases your chances of being discovered by patients in their time of need.

How much revenue and positive ROI can I expect to make from Google AdWords?

There are many factors that impact how much ROI you might make from a Google AdWords campaign.

  • Where we will be directing the AdWords traffic – whether this is to the client’s own website or HealthEngine listing
  • How well known the brand is in the area
  • Emphasis on services to promote, how price competitive the services are and if there are any promotions running
  • Ensuring that all available appointments are published
  • How much competition & search traffic there is in your area

It is also important to note that a good, strong Google AdWords campaign will optimise towards ROI and will drive traffic that is more likely to result in a phone call or a booking. However, it is up to the practice to ensure that you are converting the traffic we are sending to your website. This could be through a great phone manner for phone bookings, persuasive promotions/points of difference to distinguish your business from the competition, and great customer service so that patients want to book with you and keep coming back!

Why is it important to market to my existing patients as well as new patients?

1. 11% of people are swayed by the competition when looking for their normal practice. It is important that existing patients are able to easily find your practice via a strong Google AdWords campaign. If your existing patient can easily find your ad, then they are less likely to be lost to your competitors and you are much more likely to retain these patients.

2. Google AdWords is great for patient retention, marketing your brand online and also generating new business. All three of these aspects work hand in hand in generating great ROI for your business.

It is important to note that your SEM budget also drives phone calls via the phone number in your ads and on your website. We can only report on the new patients that you receive via your online bookings, but these other channels (phone calls) also bring in new patients. The actual number of new patient bookings is likely to be a lot higher when we take into consideration the new patients that you are likely to have received via phone call bookings.

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