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After trying to handle their Google Ads campaigns internally, Physio Inq turned to the specialist team at HealthEngine.

We sat down with CEO & Founder, Jonathon Moody, to find out what happened.

CEO & Founder, Jonathon Moody

Physio Inq CEO & Founder, Jonathon Moody

Tell us what you were doing before partnering with HealthEngine

“For many, many years I’ve been handling my own Google Ads and over the years I’ve tried to outsource to various companies that claim to be experts in the Ads process and system and every time I tried to outsource it to different companies it failed extraordinarily badly.”

How did you hear about HealthEngine?

“Some years ago, I came across HealthEngine just as a business listing platform and through the onboarding process they made it clear that Google Ads was something that they specialised in within the healthcare sector.”

When did you partner with HealthEngine?

“About 3-4 years ago we went with HealthEngine for the Google Ads team and I’ve never looked back.

They tailored every single campaign that we have had, and will have, very specifically to our keywords and key landing pages.”

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What made HealthEngine different to other businesses who offered Google Ads as a service?

“The amount of time they spend reviewing and reporting on our campaigns in fantastic. As our business has grown over the years, so has our Ads spend and it’s always grown in line with affordable ROI.

We’re endlessly shocked at how successful we’ve been able to be in keeping with our ROI and cost per lead/cost per acquisition.”

How would you describe working with HealthEngine?

“It’s been a fantastic partnership, I won’t be going anywhere else for Google Ads


View their full case study video below.


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