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As well as offering a powerful dental marketing platform that instantly connects you to Australia’s largest patient network, Healthengine has official partnerships and secure APIs with major practice management software providers to sync seamlessly with the software you already use. That officially makes Healthengine’s dental marketing platform the headache-free way to grow your practice.

To unpack what sanctioned APIs officially mean for your practice, and the challenges involved with the alternative, Healthengine’s Co-founder Adam Yap, shares some helpful insights and analogies.

“An online booking system outage is like having your front desk phone disconnected. You can’t operate your practice effectively without it. Most patients demand online booking, and they expect it to work seamlessly in the moment they need it,” says Adam.

Avoid interruptions that could cost you bookings and patients.

Without an official API, you can experience unexpected downtime for your online booking system. Quite often, the first time you’ll know about it is when you get locked out of your PMS, or when a patient calls to say they can’t book online. It can mean losing valuable bookings and patients. That’s why Healthengine now offers fully sanctioned integrations, so you get automation you can rely on 24/7, no matter what.

Healthengine’s online booking platform has been integrating with dental practice management software for over a decade. And since becoming official partners with Dental4Windows, and Henry Schein One, in early 2020, we’ve established official, sanctioned integrations that enable Healthengine’s booking platform to sync completely seamlessly and securely with D4W, EXACT, OASIS and Dentrix Ascend. That means round-the-clock convenience that you and your patients can count on.

Get all the capabilities, protection and peace of mind with every update, instantly.

Practice management software is getting ever-more complicated and updating constantly to maintain the highest levels of security and protection against malware and malicious attacks, as well as introducing smart new capabilities. And that’s great, but if you’re not using an official API, your vendor is having to play catch-up, fixing breaks and bugs. Often, they’re relying on their users, dental practitioners like you, to report issues and disruptions before breaks in the system can be fixed. And that’s not an optimum experience for your practice or your patients.

“Because Healthengine is now an official, sanctioned partner, our development teams are talking to and working with each other all the time,” says Adam. “We’re notifying each other of any upcoming updates with official documentation and a staging version so we can test and develop the most capable solution in advance, together, making sure both your PMS and Healthengine’s booking platform continue working seamlessly.

“That means you benefit from all the new capabilities from the second any update to Healthengine or your PMS is launched. We get to future-proof all of our products. You get peace of mind.”

Patient matching is a really good example. It’s really important that, when one of your patients makes a booking, your booking system matches to the right patient. And when your PMS and your online booking platform are sharing that patient matching technology, like Healthengine, Dental4Windows and Henry Schein One, you get a better end result.

Maintain control with a sanctioned integration.

“You’re essentially having to give each vendor a master set of keys to your practice if you use unsanctioned integrations,” says Adam.  

With Healthengine’s sanctioned integration, you’re only giving out one master key to your practice management software provider. They control the data that official partners can access.

Full accountability and support when you need it.

Another massive difference is the customer and technical support.

With Healthengine’s integrations, if there’s a problem, all partners have to take responsibility for it and there are official channels between Healthengine and your PMS provider to fix the solution for you.

Save admin time with no double handling.

Finally, switching to an integrated provider means your team can save admin time with no double handling or double bookings that cause a bad patient experience.

Read about Currambine Dental’s practice manager Lisa Gleeson’s experience when she switched to the official integration here.

Want to find out how Healthengine’s integration can grow your practice headache-free?

Register for a free demo and we’ll walk you through all the benefits.

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