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For Currambine Dental’s practice manager Lisa Gleeson, the switch from the old Sidebar system to eAppointments in her Dental4Windows PMS has been the best move for her team, her practice and her patients’ experience. For her sanity, too.

Lisa kept a close eye on announcements about the Dental4Windows & Healthengine partnership, keen to make the switch to eAppointments after experiencing constant issues with the old Sidebar system creating double-up bookings.

Solving double bookings for good

“Sidebar just wasn’t keeping my Dental4Windows updated, so I had to manually go through every single appointment that was booked to take appointments off, or change appointment types and correct double-up bookings,” said Lisa.

“I’d have to ring up patients who were double booked to apologise and rebook. It was frustrating for our patients, and time-consuming for our team.

“Sometimes, I’d even lose patients because of the inconvenience and because they weren’t able to get the appointment they wanted. I was very excited for the official integration to become available.”

“HealthEngine’s integration with Dental4Windows has reduced our admin time by at least an hour every day. That’s how much of our time and energy Sidebar would sap on an average day, to keep checking for double-up appointments.”

Lisa GleesonPractice Manager - Currambine Dental
Lisa Gleeson from Currambine Dental

Fast forward to October, and we had a quick chat with a very busy Lisa about her decision that day to make the switch to eAppointments, with Healthengine’s Dental4Windows integration, and what it means for her practice.

“Once we switched over, everything became completely seamless!” said Lisa. “The set up was easy, quick and efficiently done. And it’s made booking management so much easier for us all.”

Improved patient experience

“When I came in this morning there were six appointments booked overnight. They were all for people with toothaches, and not one of them was a double booking,” said Lisa.

“That means everything! Because it means we can make sure patients are getting the care they need, when they need it.

Compared with the old Sidebar system, Healthengine’s integration with Dental4Windows, has hugely improved the patient experience with no more frustrating double-ups. But it has also reduced administration time for Lisa and her team at Currambine Dental.

Improved practice efficiency and scope for growth

“It’s reduced our admin time by at least an hour every day. That’s how much of our time and energy Sidebar would sap on an average day, to keep checking the appointments that came through, entering them into our system and fixing any double ups.”

“My biggest challenge now is that we’re so busy, it can be hard to keep bookings available for our patients. As soon as we open up our appointments, they get filled.”

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