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The reality is the way that people find everything they need nowadays — whether it’s a high-definition television, a pair of shoes, or their doctor — is via the Internet. That means that having a strong online presence is key for growing your medical practice. In fact, whether you know it or not, your online marketing could make or break your business.

Merely having a website doesn’t cut it anymore, either. Having a website that’s optimised for search, an accompanying blog, and connected social networks — now that’s a powerful approach that could allow more people to discover your business and ultimately, bring in a steady wave of both new and existing patients.

There are many reasons why the key to growing your medical practice lies in your online efforts — but here are a few worth noting.

An intuitive website makes it easy to make an appointment

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The smoother and simpler the patient’s experience, the more likely they are to come back. Having a website that allows patients to book their appointments online is key because it makes their lives easier — in part because they can book after hours (rather than waiting until your office opens to call).

Providing a secure online portal that gives your patients convenient, 24-hour access to available appointments and prescription requests, is another way to set your practice apart. Plus, utilising more advanced technologies could attract younger patients, who have come to expect a connected healthcare experience.

A blog can boost your visibility

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Blogging may not be top of mind as part of your business strategy, but in fact, continually sharing relevant, unique, and informative content to your site can play a pivotal role in your search optimisation strategy. Whether you use the blog to post wellness tips, helpful guides about immunizations, or updates about your practice, valuable content allows you to connect and build trust with prospective patients, and it also helps to ensure that you’ll be at the top of their mind when they’re seeking medical services.

Don’t forget to share those blogs on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to engage with both existing and potential patients, thus facilitating a virtual word-of-mouth effect.

Being listed drives traffic to your site

Speaking of visibility, being listed in local online directories is a crucial measure. A vast majority of people who are searching for medical professionals do so in online directories like Google and Yelp, so making sure that your practice can be found in these directories can make a big difference in whether or not patients can find you.

Being listed on HealthEngine is also a no-brainer for practices. HealthEngine is Australia’s home for healthcare with more than 3.6 million Aussies visiting HealthEngine every month.

Patient Connect Essentials is our $0 solution giving you the ability to connect with the millions of patients who’ve chosen HealthEngine to help them find, connect, and engage with their preferred practitioners and practices.

Social media offers an opportunity to connect

Having a social media presence can offer numerous benefits for your practice. For one, regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can increase your visibility to potential patients who are active on those platforms — especially if you use relevant hashtags. Additionally, these channels provide an outlet to share useful content that may entice social media users to “follow” you, and ultimately, to make an appointment at your practice. You can even use these networks to share news and other updates about your practice, or current promotions you’re running, to keep current patients informed.

Most importantly, social media offers the chance to build more meaningful relationships with current or prospective patients, whether that means answering a question on your Facebook page, “liking” a comment on your LinkedIn post, or responding to a tweet.

Need help growing your practice online? Discover how HealthEngine can help you here.

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