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If you’re considering one of HealthEngine’s products to streamline your practice, you’re probably curious about what is involved in setting it up. And, perhaps equally importantly, who will guide you through the process!

As part of our new blog series Humans of HealthEngine, we’ll be regularly profiling members of our team and introducing you to how they can help your practice succeed. And what better way to kick things off than by meeting Corgan, one of our onboarding specialists.

Onboarding process

If you’ve been tasked with setting up HealthEngine at your practice, naturally you’ll be wondering how long it will take, how technically involved is it, and – can you speak to a real person!

The good news is, our dedicated local team conduct onboarding calls with all our new practices.

  • Our onboarding team works from our Perth HQ, but cater to all Australian workday timezones
  • A typical install call takes about an hour – then you’ll be up and running
  • No, you don’t need to be a programmer with coding skills!

Corgan, can you please talk us through the initial process?

It all begins with a kick-off call. Myself or my teammates will run you through what will be taking place, set you up with a login, and ascertain whether we need to also call your practice’s IT company to integrate with your server.

How long is the kick-off call?

Typically 15 minutes. We have availability starting from 7am through to 11am (AWST).

We then book in a time with you to install the software.

Installation steps

How is the software installed?

During the second call, we install the software remotely, using the well known Team Viewer tool. Most practices will already be familiar with Team Viewer as a tool which allows their IT person to remotely troubleshoot day-to-day IT problems in the practice without the need to be there in person.

If the practice is using Sidebar (our non-integrated online booking system option), then the software simply needs to be installed on the office computer. If they are using our Online Booking System which integrates with their Practice Management Software, then the software will also need to be installed on the server with the help of their IT person.

How long is an install call?

Between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending upon the HealthEngine product suite chosen.

We offer availability from 7:30am to 1:00pm (AWST).

Should something unforeseen arise, a practice is always able to reschedule their install call to a more convenient time.

Initial training

What topics do you cover?

I begin with the Online Booking System, then show them Practice Admin. This is their secure portal where they can manage all their HealthEngine products, edit their profile listing, add practitioners, adjust settings, get notifications and more.

I show them how their profile looks on HealthEngine and discuss any enhancements with them. I also take them through the booking form, how to set up different types of appointments, and do a test booking.

If the practice has a Facebook page, I explain how they can use our system to receive online bookings directly from it.

I also cover reminders and recalls if the practice has opted for these features.

All in all, we aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to enable the person to be confident using our products.

Do you show people how to publish appointments during the install call?

Yes – we cover all the points they need to know to start successfully taking online bookings.

We will have their appointments up and running online during the call to kickstart the practice accepting online bookings.

For any practices daunted by setting up SMS reminders for the first time, do you walk them through it?

Yes, not only that, but we guide them through all of their settings and help them to choose:

  • when they want to send them (eg day before, 4 hours before etc)
  • which patients will receive them
  • any appointment types they don’t want people to be able to cancel via the reminder
  • SMS template messaging, including best practice advice on how to word the text and what to include

What happens next?

I email the practice everything we went through on the call, and they are able to reply with any questions. I also let them know who their Customer Success Manager will be moving foward.

Their Customer Success Manager will then give the practice a follow up call a week later, just to ensure everything is running smoothly at their end and to answer any further questions that may have arisen.

Getting to know Corgan

Why did you choose to work at HealthEngine?

I first started at HealthEngine almost a year ago. The company’s mission to create a connected healthcare ecosystem that empowers the world’s best care experiences, and the whole idea of transforming the healthcare industry, really appealed to me. Plus I enjoy training people on how to use systems or products – so this particular role is right up my alley!

What are you watching on Netflix?

I’m really liking Better Call Saul at the moment.

Your favourite travel destination?

I have family in New York, so I’ve been fortunate to see the ‘ball drop’ on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, plus I’ve done the whole Halloween experience.

Team Stark or Lannister on Game of Thrones?

Team Stark – but, I love Cersei as a character. Who doesn’t?!

What’s a skill you’d like to master?

To speak more languages; I currently speak a little Spanish but would like to be more fluent.

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