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Practices, did you know you can claim your free profile listing on HealthEngine, making it easy for patients to find you in their time of need?

Make yourself visible to patients

We all remember the days when not being listed in the Yellow Pages essentially meant your business was invisible. Everyone wanted to avoid the “not happy, Jan!” wrath of their manager if they missed the yearly deadline for lodging an ad!

The good news is, times have changed. The way people search for businesses is almost exclusively online – even if it’s just to double check the address details or phone number. Yet not all practices have a website, or run paid search ads – so simply Googling the details of your local GP, dentist, or even physio can sometimes prove unnecessarily arduous.

Leverage HealthEngine’s online presence

HealthEngine brings all of Australia’s healthcare providers into one easily searchable place.

More and more, patients are looking for healthcare information online. And with over 1.5 million Australian patients using HealthEngine’s website or app every month, it’s crucial to make sure your practice is visible when it counts.

Once you claim your free profile, you will appear right when people are searching for your practice – whether that be on HealthEngine, or in Google search results.

Haven’t had time to set up a practice website yet? Don’t worry – as HealthEngine gets such a high volume of traffic on Google, your practice will still appear on Google through its HealthEngine profile!

You don’t even need to be a HealthEngine customer to claim your free profile.

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Patients can contact you directly

Sometimes a patient just wants to confirm your location, or to check what time you open on a particular day.

Your free HealthEngine profile allows you to show a listing of your practice name, address, contact details, plus up-to-date opening hours. We even pinpoint your business on a map!

You’re in good company

It takes just 30 seconds to claim your free profile. Our support team will then personally verify the details to ensure validity, before publishing online. So you can be assured you are listed in a fully verified, robust healthcare directory.

Profile listings on HealthEngine are not just for GPs. Our extensive directory includes specialists, dentists, physios, chiropractors, psychologists, optometrists, plus a range of other allied health providers. It’s the one-stop destination for patients seeking to manage all of their health needs – which makes it the one place you need to ensure you are listed.

Claim your profile

Option for a professional upgrade

To stand out from the crowd even further, you may consider upgrading to Professional Profile for your practice. In addition to the above features of a free profile, a Professional Profile also enables you to:

In Summary

If you’re looking to grow your practice, take the first step and claim your free profile on Australia’s #1 healthcare destination.

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