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Generating around 450% more traffic than our closest competitor*, it’s the sheer volume of users on the HealthEngine Network that allows HealthEngine to deliver more patients; more often.

As a practice, you’d know better than anyone that success relies on the patients being able to find you online – especially when you consider that 71% of people search the internet first when looking for a healthcare provider.

If you want to buy a house you go to, if you need a job you go to So when it comes to choosing which online bookings platform to be on, it makes sense to be on Australia’s number one destination for patients – 

Why 3.6 million Aussies trust HealthEngine every month

Ranking highly in Google search results isn’t easy, but we’ve put a lot of work into appearing at the top of search results for health-related terms that a patient might search for.

HealthEngine appears in the top search results in Google for close to 240,000 healthcare keywords.

Competitive Positioning Map

Above: HealthEngine’s dominance of both keywords and organic traffic

This means more eyeballs on your practice profile which ultimately means more patients.

For example, think of a mother with a sick, crying baby at 3am in the morning, desperately searching for a GP in Sydney and immediately landing on your profile. This is just one of the ways HealthEngine has helped countless parents in Australia.

Online Dominance

HealthEngine is head and shoulders above in healthcare bookings dominating Google for keyword rankings and commanding more traffic than anyone else in the space.

In fact, HealthEngine gets around 450% more traffic than our closest competitor*.

It’s the sheer volume of traffic to the HealthEngine Network that allows HealthEngine to deliver more new patients; more often. It also provides your current patients with a simpler, more convenient way of connecting with you.

Here’s what the share of healthcare web traffic looks like

HealthEngine controls 16.25% of searches for doctors/practices in thousands of suburbs across Australia – 450% more than our closest competitor in the GP space*.

Share of Voice 

Share of Voice is a metric that tracks how much of the conversation and consumer attention is owned by a brand versus their competitors. In simple words, this is an accurate picture of who commands the highest traffic share of users in any category – in this case, patients using Google to find a GP.

From the graph below, you’ll see that HealthEngine are the absolute leaders in the GP space.

Share of Voice

Above: More patients use HealthEngine than any other network when looking for a GP

How does the HealthEngine Network help my practice?

More bookings

Some patient engagement platforms claim to effectively deliver new patients to practices. However, based on Share of Voice and Google traffic, it’s estimated that none come close to the volume of HealthEngine. The comparative traffic volumes demonstrate that the HealthEngine Network connects more patients with practices than any other healthcare bookings network in Australia.

In other words, HealthEngine is the network Australian patients choose.

More than just helping drive new patients to your practice, existing patients also choose HealthEngine as their preferred booking method due to the ease and convenience of being able to find, book and manage all of their healthcare appointments in the one location.

Over 91% of bookings on HealthEngine are existing patients who book with their regular practice^

Deeper relationships with your patients

Our job doesn’t stop once we have driven the patient to your practice profile. HealthEngine offers a seamless and instant booking experience for patients using our Network to find and connect with your practice.

Patients can create their My Care Team making it quick and easy to re-book with their favourite practice across a range of specialties

In March 2019, we launched a completely redesigned mobile app to provide an even better experience for patients when booking with your practice.

A 5-star review of the HealthEngine app

Above: Just one of the many 5-star reviews from patients on the App Store

Sustainable ROI

Patients that visit and book on Healthengine don’t just do it once, they return time and time again due to the convenient, instant and seamless experience the platform offers.

It’s the ability to connect with and manage all of their healthcare providers in one simple place that makes HealthEngine so popular with patients.

The average HealthEngine patient books 5.3 appointments each year^ – they’re not one-timers or doctor shoppers. Once they’ve connected with your practice, the quality & continued availability of your service will see them return.

Australia’s leading consumer healthcare network

When your practice is listed on the HealthEngine Network, your appointments are made available to over 3.5 million patients searching across the HealthEngine website and app every month^. 

Our competitors offer the ability for your patients to book through your practice’s website. But if patients don’t find your website, how will they find you? This is where the HealthEngine Network helps.  Thanks to our domination of healthcare web traffic, patients searching for appointments are more likely than not to end up on HealthEngine – making it even more important for your practice to be available on our network.

HealthEngine is the biggest network when it comes to actively driving new patients to your practice. In the last year alone, more than 1.3 million Australians made a booking on HealthEngine for the first time^.

*Source – Get STAT July 2019 

^HealthEngine data June 2019

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