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Your most cost-efficient practice efficiency tools

An all-in-one suite of essential tools designed to help improve your general practice efficiency and patient experience.

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With our Practice Efficiency Suite, you get the lowest price on the market with no compromise on features. It’s all the premium essentials you need with optimum savings.


$0 / month
per practitioner

No Lock-in Contract

The efficiency essentials your general practice needs to save you time and improve patient experience – for free.

  • Online Booking System
  • Reminders
  • Book Online Prompt
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Practice Efficiency Suite Plus

From $40 /month
per practitioner

No Lock-in Contract

Get all the best practice efficiency tools your practice needs to succeed for less. Much less. No compromises on features. No catches. No brainer.

  • Online Booking System
  • Reminders Plus
  • Book Online Prompt
  • Recalls
  • New Patient Forms – integrated & customisable (NEW)
  • Feedback & Google Reviews
  • Check-Ins (NEW)
  • COVAX Solution
  • Fluvax Solution (NEW)
  • Scripts
  • Dual Staff Bookings
  • Communicate (Available as an add-on)
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Online Booking System

Widget to take booking on your website

Patient can book without creating account

Booking confirmation emails

Ability to upload referral document

Dual Staff Bookings


Automatic Reminders

Confirm / cancel via reminder link

Customisable send times


Choose exact send time for delayed SMS sends

Automated sends

Clinical results handling


Check in prompt sent via SMS to all patients

Works without kiosk or app

Ability for patient to see place in queue

In app only

Patient can cancel / reschedule appointment

In app only

In app only

New patients forms

Post booking form

Adds patient details to record in PMS

Customisation of fields

Patient account pre-fill

Communicate / Inform

Send targeted SMS to patients

Cost per SMS send



Customisable messages


Online script requests


Practice management software integration

*Price is based on Healthengine research conducted on in January 2021


Practice Efficiency Suite 

Your most cost-efficient practice efficiency tools

Online Booking System

Allow patients to book appointments easily via your website, Facebook, or the Healthengine app.


Make missed appointments a thing of the past. Send a reminder email or SMS to all your patients.

Reminders Plus

More customisation and control over your appointment reminders


Now with new automation features! Free up time for your team.


Allow your patients to request repeat prescriptions online 24/7

Check-Ins (New!)

Reduces stress on your front desk by allowing your patients to self check-in for their appointment and see their live place in queue while they wait for their appointment.

Feedback & Reviews

Send short, easy to complete surveys to all your patients after their appointment for real-time actionable feedback. Keep your finger on the pulse of your patient experience.


Communicate allows you to send targeted messages informing patients of important practice updates. Ensure your patients stay up-to-date with the right information.

New Patient Forms (New!)

Capture your patient’s information electronically prior to their appointment, saving you time, and improving the overall experience for your patients. (No manual entry, PMS integration available)

Dual Staff Bookings

Enable Dual Staff Bookings for appointments that require two staff members (for example a doctor and a nurse) and reduce workload for your team.


Take patient bookings for influenza vaccinations online via your practice website or Facebook page with our Fluvax Solution.


Allow patients to book their COVID-19 vaccinations online via your practice website or Facebook page with our Covax Solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Practice Efficiency Suite

Is the free Essentials plan a limited time offer?

No – Our online booking system and reminders product are free for general practices. 

Who is eligible for our Practice Efficiency Suite?

Our Practice Efficiency Suite is currently available to General Practice (GP) only.

Do I need to use all the features in the Practice Efficiency Suite?

No – while we encourage you to use all our product features to improve your patient experience and practice efficiency, we understand that every practice has different needs. You can choose to activate or deactivate features at any time.

What’s the main difference between the two Practice Efficiency Suite plans?

Our essentials plan includes our Online Booking System and Reminders products from $0/month.

Our Practice Efficiency Suite is an all-in-one solution, offering more features and customisation. It includes everything in the Essentials plan in addition to Recalls, Scripts, Feedback, Check-Ins, and more.

Is there a set-up fee?

No – there are no set up fees.

What’s the difference between Reminders and Reminders Plus?

With Reminders, you can send an SMS, email or in-app notification to all your patients – regardless of how they booked. Patients have the option to confirm via SMS or cancel the appointment by calling the practice. Reminders Plus offers more customisation and control over your reminders, including practitioner and appointment types, SMS templates and the option for patients to confirm, cancel and rebook their appointments all via SMS or in-app.

Is the Practice Efficiency Suite integrated with my PMS?

Our Practice Efficiency Suite integrates with a number of practice management software solutions. Contact our practice consultants for more information.

About our Plans

How does Healthengine make money if it gives products away for free?

  • Practices can subscribe to our paid plan: We hope that some practices that take up our free (essentials) plan will upgrade to our Practice Efficiency Suite. Whether it is for business services like SurveyMonkey or HubSpot, it is not uncommon to offer customers a free subscription in addition to a paid subscription model to cater to a wide range of customer needs.
  • We also sell marketing solutions: We offer a range of healthcare provider marketing services to help practices attract new patients and fill their books.

Why has Healthengine made the Essentials plan free?

We believe it’s a win-win situation for Healthengine, patients, and the healthcare industry.

  • Supports patients: Our vision is that all Australians have the convenience to easily find, connect and manage their healthcare providers, all in one place. By making online bookings free, GPs can improve their patient experience by offering appointments on their website and the Healthengine app.
  • Supports the industry: We recognise that healthcare providers are under increasing financial pressure and face rising costs. We don’t want to penalise practices that want to digitise their patient experience and improve efficiency, but are not in a financial position to adopt the latest technologies. We want to make digital technology less risky for practices and remove cost as the barrier to adoption.
  • Introduces practices to Healthengine: Our free Practice Efficiency Suite essentials plan allows practices to get a head start in their digital journey, with the option to upgrade for additional features and customisation or to take up our marketing solutions if they ever need help to fill their books or grow their practice in the future.

Can I upgrade from Essentials at a later stage?

Yes – your practice can upgrade at any time. All plans are month to month so you can scale up or down at any time.

Do I need to have any other Healthengine products to get the free Essentials plan?

No – your practice does not need to have any existing Healthengine products to sign up to the free Essentials plan.