Dual Staff Bookings

Enable Dual Staff Bookings for appointments that require two staff members

Easily set up dual appointments via Practice Admin and streamline your bookings for immunisations, wound care, iron infusions and more.

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Dual Staff Bookings

How Dual Staff Bookings Works

Dual Staff Bookings

3 Simple Steps to Dual Staff Bookings

Designed to reduce front desk workload and automate your booking process for appointments that require two staff. 

Dual Staff Bookings benefits:

  • Easy set up, select whether your nurse is booked before, at the same time as, or after your doctor and the appointment length for each staff member.
  • Reduce workload for your team especially during peak times, as Dual Staff Bookings automatically books both staff at the right time according to your set up.
  • Increase convenience for your patients
  • An efficient way to run your appointments perfectly suited to immunisations, wound care and iron infusions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Dual Staff Bookings

Do I need to have any other Healthengine products to get Dual Staff Bookings?

Dual Staff Bookings is available in the GP Complete subscription. 

How much does Dual Staff Bookings cost?

Dual Staff Bookings is available in the GP Complete subscription and there is no additional cost.