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HealthEngine & Connect Psych Webinar: Time Management for Better Business & Less Burnout

Following our 25th February webinar with the founders of Connect Psych,  we wanted to share a replay of the session and reference materials tied to the session.  Connect Psych founders Dr Natalie Flatt and Sasha Milinkovic joined HealthEngine’s Dr Marcus Tan for an important discussion on the connection between time management and mental health to support your practice business and put the brakes on burnout.

Topics covered include:

  • The connection between time management and mental health through better control, satisfaction and reduction of stress and burnout
  • Developing time management strategies and a skillset in three equal key areas: self-awareness, arrangement and adaptation
  • Practical tips for better time management, personally and within teams, to form effective habits, greater productivity and employee engagement

Below you will find a post-webinar handout, the webinar slides and the 60 minute webinar you can watch or rewatch when it’s convenient to you.

To get connected with Natalie and Sasha, you can email them at

Watch the Webinar Here

View the Webinar Slide Deck

Download the Post-Webinar Handout

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