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Yesterday’s patients are today’s empowered consumers. They live in a permanently connected world with endless on-demand choices. With so many options at their fingertips for everything from ride sharing to food delivery to finding a place to stay, people now seek services and experiences above products and transactions.

In order for a practice to successfully navigate this digital economy, it needs to not only attract new patients, but to also engage with existing ones in a service centric manner.

At HealthEngine, we listened to the three core needs of practices, and it led us to develop Booking 360 – the only platform you need to manage your patient journey from all angles.

Q: How do I drive patient growth?

A: With an integrated online booking system

The first impression you make on a patient begins with the appointment booking experience. We now rely upon apps that enable us to shop, order or book goods and services online, and healthcare is fast becoming no exception. Patients increasingly expect practices to offer this capability; a recent study of 44k HealthEngine users showed 23% of patients who chose to leave their regular practice did so because it didn’t offer online appointments.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of bookings made through HealthEngine occur after hours.

We see 18% of bookings on weekends – demonstrating the desire of patients to find and book an appointment the moment the need arises. An effective online booking system means no downtime, with the power to drive six out of every ten patients to your doors even whilst they are closed.

On the flipside, if a patient does decide they need to cancel their booking, they can do so anytime of the day or night, and the appointment is immediately republished online. This enables gaps in your books to be efficiently re-filled round the clock.

Booking 360 is our fully integrated system that allows patients to book via your practice website, Facebook page, or the HealthEngine website and app. Whichever channel they prefer, we’ve got it covered.

Q: How do I reduce DNAs?

A: With Unlimited SMS and In-App Reminders

Did Not Attends (DNAs) are a common pain point for all healthcare practices. Whilst SMS reminders are an effective way of reducing DNAs, the associated variable costs make it difficult to know how much you are spending. SMS credits need to be bought in bulk, yet come with an expiry date. At the same time, the cost per SMS means it’s often not affordable to send every patient a reminder, and so the credits become rationed (and therefore, pointless and difficult to manage).

With Booking 360, you can send all your patients an SMS reminder for the one flat monthly fee.

With Booking 360, you can send all your patients an SMS reminder for the one flat monthly fee. Say goodbye to variable per-SMS costs, avoid nasty billing surprises and send your reminders with confidence.

The additional upside for practices is HealthEngine’s ability to help future proof your business. Over one million Australians already trust HealthEngine for finding and booking their healthcare appointments, increasingly via app. With the flexibility to choose in-app notifications as a reminder method for your patients, we let you stay ahead of the technology curve.



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Q: How can I save time, money and paper with patient recalls?

A: With automated SMS and in-app recalls

What was once a time consuming task, often managed by the practice nurse with a highlighter, paper and reams of stationery, can now be done in minutes.

Booking 360 enables you to electronically manage recalls in bulk – making it both seamless and non-repetitive whilst saving you postage and freeing up your staff’s time for other tasks. SMS recalls are RACGP compliant and allow patients to instantly book an appointment, recording all actions against their records.

Recall costs are all included in the one fixed monthly fee, so it also represents great value for money.

HealthEngine provides the latest tools for you to thrive in the digital economy, without the need to hire tech experts or consultants.

Let us complete your patient journey with the Booking 360 experience. Find out more today.

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