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Our Suburb Insights tool lets you instantly see business and marketing opportunities in your local area on HealthEngine.

Seriously, you should see what we’re seeing in your local area. As Australia’s #1 go-to for healthcare and largest network of patients, HealthEngine can identify untapped revenue and business growth opportunities in every suburb on our network for GP and dental practices. To access those insights, all you need to do is enter your postcode into our new Suburb Insights tool and you’ll see how many patients have been searching for and booking their GP or dental appointments in your area in the last 30 days on HealthEngine.

You’ll see the percentage of new and returning patients. The average age and most popular appointment booking times. You’ll also see practice insights too, so you can get a clear picture of how much and what kind of competition you’re facing in your area online. So let’s dive a bit deeper into these stats, and show you how they offer valuable insights into patient online activity or online patient bookings and why they’re so relevant to your practice and revenue growth opportunities.

Average patient age

People of all ages are using HealthEngine to find, connect and manage their healthcare. The average patient age stat is interesting to compare with the population profile of your area, and even with the average age of your existing patient database. 

Percentage of new versus returning patients

While joining the HealthEngine network is a massive opportunity to acquire new patients, the percentage of returning patients (which you won’t pay any fees for) is consistently around 90% – proving that when HeathEngine users come to our website to find practitioners, they’re not looking for a one-and-done appointment. They are looking for a long-term relationship. So when you see the returning patient percentage for your suburb, you’re getting an insight into the value of a new patient beyond that first appointment.

Most popular appointment booking time

This can be fascinating. We know patients value the ability to book online at any hour, when it’s most convenient to them. Often that’s outside business hours, when they’ve finished work or when they wake up with a fever or toothache. Sometimes the most popular booking time will correlate directly with what your practice sees from your phone bookings. Giving your patients choice and convenience helps reduce barriers to booking and keeps them coming back to your practice. Plus you can use these insights to manage the way you schedule appointments and your day on the front desk. 

Helping you understand potential ROI in marketing activity

Firstly, the number of patients searching in your area gives an indication of the interest in the market. Whilst the percentage of returning patients demonstrates patient value beyond the first appointment. As an example, our best performing dental practices get more than 30 new patients per month and our national average for both GP and dental practices is 90% returning patients.

The power of the network

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll be placed in front of patients who come to HealthEngine to find a physio or specialist appointment, and while they’re here they often search for a local dentist or GP too.

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See how many patients are actively searching for a dental appointment in your area right now, and what type of appointments they’re booking. Find opportunities in your suburb, or any suburb, today using our free Suburb Insights tool available now for GPs and dental practices. 

Data sources: HealthEngine network data 2020

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