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Imagine having a Savings Calculator at your fingertips – one that lets you know the impact an investment is going to have on your practice before you decide to part ways with any of your hard-earned dollars…

The ability to calculate return on investment, better known as ROI, is extremely valuable for any practice. After all, knowing the profitability of your investment is key to your success, regardless of your size or specialty.

However, calculating ROI often means purchasing a product or service, using it for a period of time, then sitting down to work out whether the money it’s bringing in outweighs the money you’re paying out.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

We wanted to make it easy for practices to know the return on investment they’ll receive BEFORE committing to a purchase.

To make this happen, we set about analysing 90 GP practices who have successfully used HealthEngine to optimise their booking flow. The result is our new, interactive Savings Calculator.

Show me the savings!

With our easy-to-use, dynamic calculator, you can see exactly how much money and time you’ll save if you start using our online booking system and patient recalls product, as well as the additional revenue you’ll bring in. And that’s just the start!

See how much your practice could start saving

Try Your Free Calculator

Based on the number of full time equivalent practitioners (FTE’s) you have in your practice you’ll get instant insight into:

  • The number of appointments you’ll likely have each month
  • Time saved on your front desk
  • Additional practice revenue you’ll generate per year
  • Expected number of new patients you’ll attract each year
  • The amount you’ll save in front desk costs
  • Your predicted total ROI

Tip: To easily calculate your number of FTE’s, simply add up your total number of practitioner hours per week and divide it by 37.5)

You’ll also receive a complete summary of expected value, fees and return on investment for your practice.

Find out exactly how much time and money your practice will save, with our new, interactive Savings Calculator – and get the “why” before you “buy”.

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