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When deciding which online booking platform is best for you, pricing is one of the top considerations for any practice. And so it should be!

So when comparing providers, it’s important to understand the pricing structures they have in place and what you’re getting for your spend.

In this article, we breakdown the pricing for HealthEngine’s Patient360 product and look at how our offering compares.

Fairer, value-based pricing

Here at HealthEngine, our pricing model is designed to help practices give their patients better care, not burden practices with heavy costs. 

That’s why we now offer a $0 Essentials plan for our all-in-one patient engagement solution, Patient360

That means your practice can get tools to improve patient experience and deliver efficiencies at absolutely no cost. 

Patient360 $0 Essentials Plan

Above: HealthEngine’s $0 Patient360 Essentials Plan

No new patient costs for bookings via your website

Concerned about new patient costs? With Patient360 you don’t need to be. 

HealthEngine is the only provider to offer a free online booking system – no new patient charges for bookings via your practice website, no monthly charges!

Just like other online booking providers, any patients (new or existing) that book via your practice website or Facebook page come at no cost whatsoever. But unlike other online booking providers, HealthEngine doesn’t charge a monthly, per-practitioner cost just to use the Online Booking System.

Only pay for Premium with Patient360!

At HealthEngine, our Patient360 product comes with a zero-dollar Essentials plan, which means you only start paying if, and when, you move to our Patient360 Premium offering.

Our Patient360 Premium plan is an all-in-one patient engagement solution, offering more features and customisation. It includes everything in the Essentials plan in addition to recalls and customised reminders.

As the only provider to offer a $0 plan, you can only really start comparing other providers when you look at the first of HealthEngine’s paid tiers, Patient360 Premium.

Pricing comparison tableAbove: HealthEngine and HotDoc pricing comparison 

You might notice that HotDoc offers additional products but the question you have to ask yourself is, are the extra products really worth the extra cost to your practice?

HealthEngine and HotDoc included servicesAbove: HealthEngine and HotDoc’s included services

What per practice vs per practitioner pricing means to your bottom line

When you start to compare the pricing of providers, the main difference you’ll notice is that some offer a per-practice pricing model while others a per-practitioner.  So what does this mean for your practice and how can you properly compare?

To do this you should look at averages. 

For example, if the average Australian practice has 4 practitioners.

With HealthEngine’s Patient360 Premium solution for a practice with 4 practitioners, you’re looking at a fixed, $69 per month.

With HotDoc, you’re looking at 4 practitioners x $75 per month = $300 per month.*

When you think of this over the course of a year, based on HotDoc’s per-practitioner pricing, the savings really start to stack up. With HealthEngine’s Patient360 Premium solution you would pay $828. With HotDoc, you would pay $3,600* – that’s a difference of $2,772.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you are getting 2 extra products with HotDoc but is that really worth the difference in price?

HealthEngine’s pricing is based on our commitment to offering fairer, value-based pricing. One which doesn’t burden smaller practices with the same heavy costs as the larger ones.

Size comparison based on practice sizeAbove: HealthEngine and HotDoc pricing comparison based on practice size

Some things to look out for

A minimum cost

Regardless of the price offered by a provider, it’s important to know what it means when there is a “minimum cost” attached. With a minimum cost, you’re locked into paying the minimum amount regardless of how little you use the service. 

With HealthEngine, there is no minimum cost compared to HotDoc’s minimum cost of $150*. In fact, HealthEngine’s capped maximum cost for Patient360 is just $109 per month

Fixed or Free, the choice is yours

As we mentioned earlier, HealthEngine’s pricing model is designed to help practices give their patients better care, not burden practices with heavy costs. 

That’s why you have the choice of free or fixed with Patient360, our all-in-one patient engagement solution that drives practice efficiency while also offering an optimal patient experience.


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