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One of the questions we often get asked by practices is how can they increase the efficiency of their front desk processes.

Whether it’s answering calls for appointment bookings; or printing, folding and mailing out patient recalls – the good news is there are simple, cost effective products available that can help streamline the manual tasks of your front desk and nursing staff.

To crunch the numbers, we set about analysing 94 GP practices who have successfully used HealthEngine’s Online Booking System, Patient Match and Recalls suite to optimise their booking flow.

The results are in – and our new infographic below highlights just how much time and money your practice can save.

For a typical GP practice with 4 Full-Time Equivalent practitioners, an Online Booking System will replace 183 hours of call answering per year, saving you over $4,000 in front desk costs!

And by switching to HealthEngine Recalls for sending secure recalls and non-urgent reminders via SMS, you could save an additional 65 hours – which your staff could instead be spending on enhancing patient experience. Not to mention nearly $2,000 worth of stamps!

Infographic How Much Could Your Practice Save With HealthEngine

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