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Based in Fremantle, Ellen Health is a GP-owned and managed practice that has grown to become a large extended-hours primary health facility, open seven days a week.

As a busy community practice with 26 GPs (9 on at a time), the phone would regularly ring on any given day with patients requesting a routine prescription. Thanks to HealthEngine Scripts, Ellen Health has been able to make it quick and easy for patients to order a repeat prescription online 24/7 while saving their front desk time.

We asked Amber Kane, Practice Manager at Ellen Health, how HealthEngine Scripts has benefited the practice.


How has Scripts benefited your patients?

HealthEngine Scripts has made it easy for our patients to get the care they need. Patients can jump online at any time during the day or night to order a repeat prescription.

It also saves them time as they don’t have to call the practice or get stuck on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone. Once patients use online scripts, they’ll keep using it instead of requesting a script over the phone.

How has Scripts benefited your front desk?

We’ve reduced admin and the number of scripts requests over the phone. Our receptionist no longer has to type up repeat medication requests over the phone, which they can also get wrong sometimes. It puts the patient in control, while saving our front desk time.

How has Scripts benefited your doctors?

Rather than rely on our receptionist to type up the patient’s medication details over the phone, doctors can now get the correct information they need straight from the patient.

For more information about Scripts, click here.

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