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To help you get to know the people behind HealthEngine, we’re kicking off a new series this week called “Behind the Scenes at HealthEngine“.

Each week we’ll introduce you to one of our team members.

Renee Newton

Provider Marketing Manager

How long have you been with HealthEngine:
10 months

Tell us a bit about your day to day role:
Helping practices understand why they should be using HealthEngine.

Tell us about a HealthEngine project/effort you’re particularly proud of:
Helping create a tool where practices can view all the activity in their local area that occurs on HealthEngine. For example, how many patients are searching in their suburb, the average age of patients booking, and the number of return patients. This helps practices ascertain how HealthEngine can suit their goals.

Now onto some fun facts… What are your 3 fave apps at the moment?(beyond HealthEngine, of course!):

  1. Spotify
  2. Sweat
  3. Clue

Please share 3 things about your non-work life:
I love karaoke, chilli and real people.

When borders open, name your dream travel destination:
Reykjavik, Iceland.

To wrap this up, let’s end with a personal recommendation:
“Solving the Mental Load” on the podcast Ladies, We Need to Talk.

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