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To help you get to know the people at HealthEngine, please enjoy this new series for the blog where we take you “Behind the Scenes at HealthEngine.”

Each week we’ll introduce you to one of our team members.

Behind the Scenes at Health Engine feature

Noamah Spiccia

Customer Support Consultant

Tell us a bit about your day to day role:
I provide general and technical support to our practice customers with new and existing products and services.

How long have you been with HealthEngine:
approx. 1.5 years

Tell us about a HealthEngine project/effort you’re particularly proud of:
It was being part of the launch of Telehealth during COVID-19. Keeping practices and patients connected during this time was a huge accomplishment by the company. Helping practices onboard this feature remotely and keeping practices consulting patients was extremely rewarding.

Now onto some fun facts… What are your 3 fave apps at the moment?  (beyond HealthEngine, of course!):

  1. H&M – loving i can finally browse H&M online at any hour.
  2. Instagram – to keep connected with my family, friends & socials. (I also follow lots of tiny house pages.)
  3. Spotify – Loving the Time Capsule for my working from home days during COVID.

Please share 3 things about your non-work life:

  1. Colin the love of my life! (no he’s not a male companion.) He’s my furbaby, and I’m obsessed with him. He is a Blenheim Cavoodle.
  2. I want to build and live in a tiny house, so i spend a lot of time researching this lifestyle. I’m loving the Palm Springs vibe right now!
  3. Love going out to restaurants with the girls. Currently the fav is a local pizza and pasta place called Monsterella! Looking to eventually sample the entire menu!

When borders open, name your dream travel destination:
Take a trip to my family home of Sicily and immerse myself in the Sicilian culture. I’m really looking forward to having an authentic bowl of pasta with a wine from the local region.

To wrap this up, let’s end with a personal recommendation:
Harry Styles Sleep Story on Calm for a perfect nights sleep… If you look up the word calm in the dictionary, it says Harry Styles.

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