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To help you get to know the people at HealthEngine, please enjoy this series for the blog where we take you “Behind the Scenes at HealthEngine.”

Each week we’ll introduce you to one of our team members.

Behind the Scenes at Health Engine feature

Mark Davies

Engineering Manager

How long have you been with HealthEngine:
1.5 years

Tell us a bit about your day to day role:
My squad tunes the vital organs of our online bookings experience. I put my energy into enabling and coordinating our engineers to ensure the squad is delivering the most value it can. I get my energy from the filter pour-overs I’m perfecting.

Tell us about a recent HealthEngine project/effort you’re particularly proud of:
A decent chunk of our mindshare lately has gone into our COVID-19 vaccination bookings and the Commonwealth Booking Platform. I’m grateful to be involved in this effort and it’s amazing to be collaborating with the Government and see our plans come to fruition within tight timeframes.

Now onto some fun facts… What are your 3 fave apps at the moment?  (beyond HealthEngine, of course!):

  1. Up bank’s app has really helped me manage money better than I ever have before.
  2. My recent foray into hiking has me exploring wild and wacky hikes people have submitted to AllTrails.
  3. The Skip app saves me precious minutes waiting for coffee on school runs and between meetings.

Please share 3 things about your non-work life:

  1. I’ve been playing amateur AFL for two decades and I’m still very amateur.
  2. My 8yo daughter is a wannabe Minecraft YouTuber and I don’t know how I feel about this yet.
  3. Any spare downtime is currently going into the Stardew Valley hobby farm my partner and I have going.

When borders open, name your dream travel destination:
Snowboarding in Japan. I put it off for many years and for now it’s out of my hands, so I’m busy saving. I hope those cheap direct flights make a comeback.

To wrap this up, let’s end with some personal recommendations:
Here’s my perennial but slightly obscure book recommendation. If you want to know how the Harry Potter plot would turn out if Harry’s uncle was an Oxford professor who taught him science before he learned magic, check out Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It’s a great story and significantly influenced my way of thinking. There’s a half decent podcast reading of it too. Enjoy!

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