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To help you get to know the people behind HealthEngine, we’re kicking off a new series this week called “Behind the Scenes at HealthEngine“.

Each week we’ll introduce you to one of our team members and for launch week, here’s our fearless leader Dr Marcus Tan.

Dr Marcus Tan

Founder, CEO and Medical Director

How long have you been with HealthEngine:
From day 1

Tell us a bit about your day to day role:
I set the vision and strategic direction for the business and ensure we have the resources to execute on it.  I generally do what I have to do to achieve our mission.

Tell us about a HealthEngine project/effort you’re particularly proud of:
I was very proud of how we were able to respond during the first lockdown of the pandemic to pivot to telehealth to help our customers stay open and patients continue to access care.

Now onto some fun facts… What are your 3 fave apps at the moment?(beyond HealthEngine, of course!):
1. Guitar Tabs
2. Weatherzone
3. Sleep Cycle

Please share 3 things about your non-work life:
1. Father of 2 boys (17 and 12)
2. Taught myself how to play the ukulele
3. Play badminton every Sunday

When borders open, name your dream travel destination:
Skiing Chamonix in Europe.

To wrap this up, let’s end with a personal recommendation:
I recommend checking out your local hiking trails to really see what is in your backyard.  I found it surprising, the beauty of the countryside so close to the city I’ve lived in for 40 years and never realised we had.

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