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The Sydney Morning Herald this week reports that tech-savvy Aussies are embracing digital health at record levels to get access urgent services, with one in five (19%) HealthEngine users now seeing their GP within 4 hours of booking their appointment. Over half who booked GP appointments (55%) saw their GP within 24 hours.[1]

What’s more, HealthEngine users are making use of its platform to access services outside of usual working hours, with nearly 60% of appointments booked on HealthEngine being made outside of hours. [2]

Technology has transformed the way we experience nearly every industry, from travel and retail to hospitality and finance. As businesses rapidly evolve to embrace technology to deliver enhanced consumer experiences, we believe at HealthEngine that it’s vital that the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation too.

With more than 9 million appointments booked on HealthEngine in 2018 alone – the role that technology plays in transforming the patient experience is glaringly obvious.

By making the digital health experience easy and accessible, technology can (and clearly is) improving outcomes for both the patient and Australia’s broader health system.

These statistics are particularly important when you consider the latest Productivity Commission report on Government Services, which found that almost 3 million patients who should have seen a GP still wound up in emergency departments for “avoidable” hospital presentations. Among their reasons for attending ED was being unsure how or where to access their nearest GP.

At HealthEngine, we are passionate about building digital technology that helps relieve this strain on emergency departments and facilitates quick and easy access to GPs and other professional services in the moment the patient needs it, redirecting non-emergencies away from overstretched emergency departments.

When we look at the bigger picture and the potential that digital solutions hold in transforming the lives of patients and the healthcare industry as a whole, the evidence is even more supportive of a need to focus on a digital health future to support a more efficient, productive system.

That’s why HealthEngine is committed today, more than ever, to working closely with industry leaders and Government to help Australians realise the benefits of a digital health system and embrace digital health in a safe, secure way to support a more efficient and productive care system.

[1] 55% of booking lead times are within 24 hours. Booking data across GP vertical, 6 months until 22/2/19

[2] 58% of bookings were booked outside 9am-5pm window. Booking data across all verticals, 6 months until 22/2/19


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