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In today’s digital world, we all want things to be simple and convenient. Your patients are no different. The rise of digital technology in the healthcare space means you can now automate your practice’s Appointment Reminders, making it easier to get in touch with your patients.

But, you want to make sure you do it well. Here’s what patients really want from an Appointment Reminder, and how you can give it to them.

Patients want their reminder sent via a channel they actually use

These days, it’s unlikely patients will keep old appointment cards in their wallet to remind them of their next appointment. Yet, many practices are still in the habit of using these cards.

Now that smartphones are everywhere, there’s the opportunity to use a more direct, more reliable method of reminding patients, communicating through a channel they use, like SMS or via the HealthEngine app.

This works because:

  1. It’s simple, immediate and convenient for them to reply
  2. The message goes directly to the patient’s phone
  3. It prompts an immediate response to confirm, cancel, or reschedule

Everyone has a smartphone — it’s time we used them.

Appointment Reminder System

Patients don’t want spam

Everyone likes to feel special—but no one wants to be spammed by your practice.

Even with great staff, a comfortable waiting room, and a positive in-practice experience, a poorly-written patient reminder can make your patient feel like just a number on a list. Too many reminders and they feel like they’re being shouted at.

Making sure your patient reminders are personalised, and only used when necessary, goes a long way towards making your patients feel welcome, and important.

Patients want to be reminded at the right time

People often schedule their appointments weeks, or months, in advance. But life is busy, and it can be easy to forget.

An automated reminder system allows you to set reminders for intervals that give your patients enough time to make room in their schedule for their appointment. With HealthEngine Appointment Reminders you can select what time your reminders are sent. You can also send that often-needed follow-up reminder at the right time, too.

For example, a two-hour reminder message gives patients enough time to remember their appointment and travel to your practice. It also gives patients ample time to get in touch if something else has come up.



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Patients want easy appointment rescheduling

Life happens, and despite their best efforts patients might not be able to attend their appointment.

By offering instant re-booking via text or through the HealthEngine app, patients are much more likely to reschedule inconvenient appointments when they see the message, rather than find time to call or reschedule in person later—or worse, ignoring it altogether.

In summary

Patients want their healthcare to be simple and convenient, so they want an Appointment Reminder that makes remembering their appointments easy.

HealthEngine Appointment Reminders do just that, by sending an in-app notification or text message reminder directly to patients, at times set by you. It also gives them the option to reschedule their appointments then and there, without having to call you.

No more paper reminder forms, no more missed appointments; just a convenient reminder on a device they actually use.

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