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These days, everyone is busy. Whether it’s time-crunched, stressed-out patients fitting their bookings around their busy lives, or the overwhelmed staff on your front desk, everyone is looking for a way to make their lives easier.

An online booking system helps you do just that. Here are five reasons why your practice needs one.

1. Online booking makes it easier for patients

Having an online booking system makes appointment-making easier and quicker for patients.

They can book from the comfort of their smartphone, whenever they want. For patients whose first language might not be English, or are booking an appointment to discuss something they’d rather keep private, an online booking system means they avoid the added stress of speaking to another human.

In fact, just knowing that they can book online may even encourage more patients to book in to see a doctor, enabling you to provide more medical support to those who need it.

2. Online booking makes it easier for your staff

An online booking system doesn’t just benefit your patients. Integrating your website with an online booking platform means patients make their bookings themselves, which reduces the time your staff spend on the phone or writing down patient information.

You’ll reduce your paperwork, and end up freeing up your front desk staff to spend more time your patients in the waiting room.

3. Give patients the convenience they crave

For patients these days, ‘convenient’ means more than just having a website. They want to be able to make a booking through your website in a few simple clicks, wherever they might be.

An online booking system provides your patients with a convenient, easy-to-use portal where they can make their booking in seconds.

4. Availability is everything

As we discovered in our Patient Behaviour Report, patients expect to be able to make bookings on the go.

And with over 50% of HealthEngine online bookings made after-hours, it’s clear that an online booking system makes your clinic more available for your patients when they need you.

An online booking system means you’re available 24/7, and your patients can make their booking anywhere. No more waiting until you open the next morning, they simply get their smartphone, find your practice, and book in when they want.

5. The preferred method of booking

Today, people expect things to be online. You can buy movie tickets, book in a car service, and pay bills – so why should booking in a doctor’s appointment be any different?

An online booking system helps you reach this audience. You’ll connect with more patients, and provide them with their preferred way of booking, meaning more people will receive the medical attention they need.

According to the 2018 CommBank GP Insights Report, options for booking and managing appointments ranked among the most important in creating patient satisfaction. So, having an online booking system not only attracts more patients but keeps them coming back to you.

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It’s clear that having an online booking system allows practices to reach patients out there who want a convenient, easy way to book a medical appointment, with the flexibility to book it at any time – wherever they might be.

And with HealthEngine Patient360 Essentials, your general practice can get online bookings on your website, Facebook page or HealthEngine app for FREE. 

Switch, save and offer patients the convenience they crave at no cost today with HealthEngine Patient360 Essentials.

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