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Continuity of Care: Optimise to Improve

Better patient experiences lead to better health outcomes. Free up your front-desk with our products that work together to deliver a complete end to end experience. By optimising your booking flow and improving practice efficiency, your team will have more time to focus on providing a better level of continuous care for your patients, keeping them healthier and happier.

As your practice grows, our tools help you run more efficiently: unlimited SMS reminders with re-book functionality, automated patient recalls, online appointments that integrate with your PMS… and that’s just the start.

How do you attract new patients?

We live in a world where ‘now’ has become the new yesterday. We’re time-crunched, stressed, and overwhelmed. With time so precious, consumers crave convenience and your patients are no different. Availability has become the key to attraction.

How do you reduce DNA’s?

With busy lifestyles and work schedules, it’s easy for patients to forget about upcoming appointments. To reduce the risk, you need to coordinate with their calendar and ensure patients can take control of their time.

How do you deliver continuous care?

The care you provide your patients is the most important aspect of your practice. But with staff caught up on phone calls, paperwork and general day-to-day operations, valuable time and attention is taken away from what’s most important: delivering the best care possible.

How do you attract new patients?

Availability is Everything

With 45% of patients attending another clinic when their regular practice has no online availability, switching to HealthEngine’s Online Booking System gives the power to your patients and an instant boost to your bookings.

Online Booking System

Free up front desk time and let your appointment calendar fill itself

How do you reduce DNA’s?

Unlimited Reminders

Put an end to did-not-attend with HealthEngine Reminders and send unlimited reminders to your patients with no per-SMS costs. Give the power to your patients with the ability to confirm, cancel and rebook their appointments, via SMS or in-app notification.


Enjoy unlimited SMS reminders with no per-SMS costs involved

Patient appointment reminder SMS

How do you deliver continuous care?

Free up your Front Desk

With our unique bulk send option for recalls, your front-desk team can process recalls in minutes, leaving them with more time to focus on the most important thing: delivering the level of care your patients now want and expect.


Process recalls in minutes, not hours, with bulk SMS recalls

Optimise Your Bookings

Free up your front-desk with products that work together to improve practice efficiency and deliver a complete end-to-end experience for your patients.

Grow Your Practice

Accelerate the success of your practice by boosting your digital presence, growing your patient base and enhance your practice reputation.

Engage Your Patients

Keep your patients coming back, again and again, with innovative products completely transforming the relationship between patient and practice.

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