Healthengine Referral Partner Program

Start submitting referrals and earn $150 Wish gift voucher for each valid referral.*

If you know a GP or Dental practice that would benefit joining Australia's #1 healthcare platform, we would love an introduction. Register for the program, submit your referral and we'll take care of the rest.

*Terms and Conditions apply, click here for details.

It’s easy to submit a referral

Are you a marketing agency, consultant, or IT company working with general practices, dentists, or other medical professionals?

We already have a large number of professionals like yourself enquiring about Healthengine services on behalf of their clients and we want to recognise the support of our Healthengine advocates. 

Joining our referral program is easy and takes less than 2 minutes.

Simply complete the registration form and accept the terms. Once registered we will send you an email with details on how to submit your practice referral.

Once registered you’ll receive an email with a link to our referral submission page. Here you can submit your referral and wait to be contacted by Healthengine.

Healthengine will send you a $150 Wish gift voucher for each valid referral.* You will be contacted within 30 days of your referral submission.

Frequently asked questions

When and how will I get paid?

Healthengine will send you a $150 Wish gift voucher for each valid referral. You will be contacted within 30 days of your referral submission, once validated. We will confirm with you the mailing address to send the voucher to.

What happens to my referrals once I submit them?

Upon receiving the completed form, if the referral is valid (see conditions above), Healthengine will send the practice an email letting them know that we will soon be getting in touch with them. The email will give you all the credit for the introduction

What is a valid referral?

We define a valid referral as a contact who meets the below conditions:

. a contact who has been introduced to Healthengine by a registered advocate of the Healthengine referral program.

. a contact who doesn’t exist in our CRM database yet or, if exists, is not already actively in touch with a sales person from Healthengine, as per the records in our CRM system.

. the contact details that you provide us are correct, meaning we are able to reach them via email or phone.

We will let you know within 3 business days after submitting a referral whether your referral is valid or not.

Do you offer free plans for practices to try the Healthengine solutions?

We offer free plans (Patient Connect Essentials and Practice Efficiency Suite Essentials (for GPs only) to give practices the opportunity to try our solutions before considering upgrading to paid plans for additional features or customisation.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for full terms and conditions.