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Looking and Booking

With over 2.2 million patients using and the HealthEngine app every month, we’ve got patients looking and booking this very second.
Offering you the ability to display your available appointments live on and the HealthEngine app, finding and booking appointments online has never been easier.

Customise to Capture

Patient Match is fully customisable and allows you to easily add and remove available appointments direct from your practice management software. If you already have the Online Booking System for your practice, you’re just a click of a button away from showing your appointments live on and the HealthEngine app.

Patient Match Benefits:

  •  Display your appointments to over 2.2 million patients using and the HealthEngine app each month
  •  No contracts or minimum terms
  •  Only pay a ONE-OFF Match fee for NEW patients introduced to your practice
  • Fill gaps in your appointment book by displaying them to an active audience
  •  Cap your monthly spend
  •  Accept bookings 24/7 via your Professional Profile

how it works

5 Simple Steps to Patient Match Success

Fill your appointment book

Display your available appointments to HealthEngine users who are ready to book with you now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a new patient doesn’t show, will I still get charged?

No, you only pay when the patient books and attends the appointment booked. We won’t charge you for any no-shows or cancellations.

What type of people use this service? Are they just one-timers and doctor shoppers?

No, absolutely not — the majority of HealthEngine users are women and families searching for healthcare services. 87% of all appointments booked on the HealthEngine directory are by existing patients booking with their regular practice. The average HealthEngine customer books 4.1 appointments a year. In order to successfully book an appointment via HealthEngine, a user is required to provide their first name, surname, a verified mobile number, email, address and date of birth. If they are doctor shopping they may be less inclined to provide all these details. We also have the ability to blacklist problem patients from making bookings with you online.

What if the patient doesn’t show up? Will I just get a lot of no-shows?

No, our no-show rate is less than 1% on all bookings. This is lower than the average no-show rate for a practice who does not accept online bookings.

How do I know that they’re going to come back?

In our experience, patients who have a good experience with a new practice or practitioner are more likely to make a repeat booking. Our customers engage us to help them acquire new patients quickly and easily but when we match a patient to your practice and send them to you, it’s up to you to provide a service they want to keep coming back for. Most of the practices we work with are successful at retaining new patients.

I’ve got X doctors, only some want new patients; how do you handle this?

HealthEngine’s Online Booking System can be customised to support open and closed book doctors. If you have practitioners that do not take new patients or wish not to publish their availability online, we have the ability to block their schedule so their appointments are not displayed. We can set this up for you at the time of your online booking install and you can update this at any time by contacting our Practice Engagement Team.

What if an existing patient of mine looks like a new patient? Are you still going to charge me anyway? What if the name doesn’t match?

We will never purposefully charge you for an existing patient booking. We do rely on you however, to notify us when we have not matched a booking with an existing patient record. If we have charged you for a new patient match, when they are an existing patient of yours, simply let us know so we can make the corrections.

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