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Practice Success: Why Marketing Matters

In today’s digital world, more and more people are turning to the web and their mobile devices for every single question and concern, and your patients are no different. With a world of information at their fingertips, modern patients are strongly influenced by what they see online.

With up to 77% of internet users searching online before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider, marketing your practice online gives you the opportunity to promote your services to patients at the start of their healthcare journey.

How do patients find your practice online?

With more and more medical marketing moving online, simply having an online presence is no longer enough to bring new patients through your door. With supply overtaking demand, being visible online can be the difference between being found and being forgotten.

How do you generate more bookings?

Attracting the interest of potential patients online doesn’t guarantee new bookings. To convert curiosity to commitment, you’ve got to make it as easy as possible for them to choose you as their healthcare provider.

How do you measure ROI on your marketing?

When you spend $5,000 on a letterbox drop, how do you know who read it, who engaged with it… or even who received it? With digital marketing, you can run targeted campaigns. You pay for performance and receive measurable results so you can track your ROI.

How do patients find your practice online?

Your Digital Presence Matters

With a Professional Profile, your practice will be front and centre for over 2.2 million users searching HealthEngine each month. Create the ultimate first impression on potential patients by showcasing individual practitioner profiles, practice features and patient reviews.

Professional Profile

Put Your Practice In Front of Over 2.2 million Users Every Month

How do you generate more bookings?

Be Available.Be Accessible.

Display your available appointments to patients who are ready to book. By simply adding HealthEngine’s Patient Match function, your patients will enjoy greater convenience and control while you could see a close to 800% increase in your online bookings.

Patient Match

Display available appointments to over 1 million ready-to-book patients

How do you measure ROI on your marketing?

Measurable Marketing

With a Google AdWords campaign, your business will attract more attention by appearing higher in search results. As a pay-per-click service, you only pay when prospective patients click on your ad. So you only pay when your ads are working!

Google Adwords

Make yourself unmissable to patients by appearing higher in search results

Optimise Your Bookings

Free up your front-desk with products that work together to improve practice efficiency and deliver a complete end-to-end experience for your patients.

Grow Your Practice

Accelerate the success of your practice by boosting your digital presence, growing your patient base and enhance your practice reputation.

Engage Your Patients

Keep your patients coming back, again and again, with innovative products completely transforming the relationship between patient and practice.

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