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Care Beyond the Consult: Revolutionising Relationships

In today’s digital world, technology is the key to successful patient engagement. As smartphone usage continues to grow, so has the demand for mobile healthcare. Leveraging mobile empowers patients to take a proactive approach to their healthcare while delivering a better patient experience through personalised communications.

Keep your patients coming back, again and again, with our innovative patient engagement products designed to help providers seamlessly connect with patients, nurture relationships and inspire long-term patient loyalty.

How does care extend beyond the consult?

With over 80% of all GP visits resulting in a prescription for medication, effective medication management is paramount. But how do you provide care outside of your practice?

How do you inspire patient loyalty?

With so much choice now available to patients, loyalty has never been harder to build. You need to understand your patients more than ever and work with them to deliver a complete end-to-end experience.

How do you stay top of mind?

You’re always thinking about your patients, but how many are thinking about you? With so many practices fighting for the attention of patients, how do make sure you capture it — and keep it?

How does care extend beyond the consult?

Medication management anywhere, anytime

As the first service which truly combines medication management and interaction with your GP, Medication Manager has the potential to completely transform the healthcare journey for patients.

Medication Manager

A complete medication management tool for your patients

How do you inspire patient loyalty?

Improve the experience

Continually improve your in-practice experience by accessing real feedback direct from your patients. With Patient Surveys, you’ll receive the feedback to help you understand your patient experience so you can make the changes needed to keep them coming back.

Patient Pulse

Continually improve with feedback direct from your patients

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How do you stay top of mind?

Skip the search

Get found faster with HealthEngine’s Favourites. The ultimate top of mind tool for practices, Favourites keeps your patients coming back by putting you front and centre every time they open the app.


Increase patient retention by being the first option every time

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Free up your front-desk with products that work together to improve practice efficiency and deliver a complete end-to-end experience for your patients.

Grow Your Practice

Accelerate the success of your practice by boosting your digital presence, growing your patient base and enhance your practice reputation.

Engage Your Patients

Keep your patients coming back, again and again, with innovative products completely transforming the relationship between patient and practice.

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