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Increase your online bookings

Improve your practice efficiency and patient experience by informing your existing patients that you now accept online bookings.

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How does it work?

An SMS is sent to existing patients while in your waiting room 10 minutes prior to their appointment, informing them you now offer online appointments. The SMS is only sent if the patient has never booked online with you, ensuring those patients are now aware your practice is more accessible than ever.


  • Reduces front desk workload. See improvements to your front desk efficiency as more and more patients book online instead of over the phone. Practices using Book Online Prompt have 47% more online bookings (taken via the Healthengine website, app and website plug-in) than those practices without Booking Online Prompt*
  • More time for patients in the practice. With less time spent on the phone, your team will have more time to provide a great experience for patients in your practice.
  • More patients adding your practice to their My Care Team. Practices with Book Online Prompt have 74% more My Care Team adds than those who don’t have Book Online Prompt*
  • Convenient healthcare. Your patients will know they can book with your practice at their convenience 24/7, even when your practice is closed. 
  • No fee. In addition to there being no SMS costs, because the SMS only goes to existing patients, there’s no new patient connection fee when they do book online.

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*Based on all practices using the Book Online Prompt between 1st of December 2020 and 30th of November 2021 and their bookings (taken via the Healthengine website, app, and website plug-in) for that same period, compared to those practices that did not have the feature enabled during the same period. Book Online Prompt integrates with Best Practice, MedicalDirector Pracsoft and ZedMed PMS’s

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Book Online Prompt

Do I need to have any other Healthengine products to get Book Online Prompt?

Yes Book Online Prompt is an optional add-on to our Practice Efficiency Suite products (for GPs), Online Booking System and Patient Connect products and has no additional cost. Book Online Prompt will not be available if you are already using our Check-ins or Waiting Room products. 

I am concerned about the security and privacy of patient data.

Healthengine’s data security and privacy policies apply. Patient data in the New Patient Forms is encrypted and is deleted from Healthengine 14 days after the patient’s booking date.