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So you’ve set up Telehealth at your practice, but how do you attract patients to this new service? Marketing Telehealth appointments to your new and existing patients doesn’t have to be complicated. Together with our partners, we’ve put together the proven steps to help you in this free on demand webinar.

Join Healthengine’s Renee Newton, Coviu‘s Jenna Minchuk and Clinic Mastery’s Jack O’Brien to get the lowdown on marketing your Telehealth practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Best practices, tools, and templates to effectively market your practice
  • Tips on how to utilise digital and offline marketing channels without spending a dime
  • How to fill your books and attract ideal clients
  • Using technology to improve client experiences
  • How to grow your team
  • How to leverage Australia’s largest consumer healthcare network to attract telehealth patients to your practice

Watch the webinar here

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