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Did you know that 77% of smartphone users have consulted their phone to find local health services in the past 6 months?

Or that 62% of online bookings were captured on mobile devices?

And that 25% of all bookings online are for those aged over 45 years?

The evolution of digital technology is changing the way patients behave. More informed and more connected than ever before, patients are continually heading online when searching for, and interacting with, healthcare providers.

But, with new channels for practices to attract patients, digital technology also offers new problems. With Facebook, Instagram, email and a myriad of other technologies vying for your patient’s attention, engaging patients in today’s digital world is fast becoming a thorn in the side of many practices.

We want to help practices thrive in this new landscape, which is why we’ve put together our free Patient Behaviour Report.

Free Patient Behaviour Report

Insight into the latest online trends and what it means for your practice.


Gain Actionable Insights

Offering a look into the changing behaviour of patients in this digital world, the report provides an in-depth insight into how digital technology is changing the way patients connect and engage with practices.

With the latest behaviour trends, you’ll learn how to adapt in order to attract and retain patients as we move towards an era of digitised medicine.

Highlights from the report include:

    • A look at the proactive role patients now take in their own health
    • The growing adoption of digital technology among older Australians
    • The value of a strong web presence
  • The important role that availability plays in generating new bookings

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