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In a new milestone for Australian health, we’re excited to announce that HealthEngine broke the million bookings mark for the month of May.

In a clear sign that Australians are embracing the ease and convenience of digital health, we’ve now recorded the same number of bookings in a single month that first took a full three years to achieve!

Our Perth staff celebrate the milestone

Our Perth staff celebrate the milestone

Australia’s leading consumer healthcare platform

This amazing milestone shows that tech-savvy Aussies are turning to digital health to access on-demand healthcare. And, it’s a milestone that isn’t lost on our CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan.

“HealthEngine is creating a platform that enhances connections between patients, providers, and the healthcare industry at large.”

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan

“Our booking momentum points to a significant shift in the way consumers are accessing healthcare, with massive numbers of Australians embracing the benefits of digital health, resulting in improved access to care, and decreased waste for the system.”

“Technology has transformed the way that Aussies are connecting across nearly every industry, from travel and retail to hospitality and finance. It’s vital that the healthcare industry does not get left behind in this wave of digital transformation.”

The Power of the HealthEngine Network

The ability to generate this volume of booking numbers points to the unrivalled power of the HealthEngine Network. As Australia’s only true multi-specialty network, the HealthEngine Network brings all of Australia’s healthcare providers into one easily searchable place.

More Australians use the Healthengine Network to find, connect and stay connected with their preferred healthcare providers with 3.5 million monthly visits and over 3.6 million patients booking appointments in the last 12 months.

The healthcare platform has seen growth in demand and adoption across patients and providers, as tech-savvy Aussies turn to digital health to access on-demand healthcare.

The Power of the HealthEngine NetworkIntroducing Patient Connect

To help practices better connect with their patients and leverage the power of the HealthEngine Network, we’re excited to introduce our new, innovative solution for General practices, Patient Connect.

Patient Connect allows you to connect with Australia’s largest network of patients and offer them a seamless and instant booking experience. And, the experience for patients continues to improve. In March, we launched a completely redesigned app to provide an even better experience for patients when booking with your practice. They liked the old app, but they love the new one, with more than 10,000 patients rating the app 4.8/5 on iTunes.

A bright future ahead

This booking milestone shows increasing patient demand pointing to strong, continued growth for HealthEngine.

Continued advances can be seen company wide already this year including the establishment of its Advisory Group, a collaboration of health providers and peak bodies, such as the Australian Patients Association, to provide independent industry guidance, and a partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the national peak body representing physiotherapists and their patients.

In the year ahead, our focus remains on unlocking the full potential of digital health in Australia, evolving its product pipeline and expanding through a series of strategic partnerships.

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