Free up your front desk, increase patient satisfaction and simplify your billing. It’s all here as part of our new repeat prescriptions product.

Get efficient

Reduce phone calls and repeatable admin work so staff can focus on higher value activities.

Set your own fee

We facilitate patient payments and deposit the money straight into your nominated bank account.

Available anytime

Allow your patients to request eligible repeat prescriptions from anywhere, anytime.

High quality consults

Improve appointment availability for patients who need to be seen in person.


Safely prescribe repeat medications without an in-person consult

Doctors know their patients best. That’s why we’re committed to providing practitioners with technology to improve their patients’ healthcare journey. 46% of patients surveyed have routine prescriptions to manage their health. Patients want options, and are willing to pay for convenience.

A simple online form combined with a patient’s clinical record will give you the necessary information to determine if a repeat prescription is suitable without a face to face consult. Empower your patients to get the medication they need.

How it works

Patient submits the request

Patients request repeat scripts online after completing eligibility questions and providing their details.

Doctor decides best action

Requests are sent directly to your practice for a decision. Simply approve or reject the request based on patient history and we’ll handle all patient notifications.

Patient picks up the script

Patients pick up the script from reception after you approve and write the script. If they need to come in for an appointment instead, we’ll let them know.

Practice gets paid

We facilitate secure payments for approved script requests and take the hassle out of patient billing.

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