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Medication Manager

Remind, Recall, Refill.

Reduce last-minute prescription bookings

Medication Manager is a complete medication management tool for your patients. With the new addition to the HealthEngine app, patients can now monitor their daily medication, get reminders when to take their prescribed doses, and be prompted to re-book doctors appointments before their script runs out.

Continuity of Care

Provide better health outcomes by offering patients an easy-to-use tool that promotes medication adherence and education.
With over 23,000 patients across Australia are already using Medication Manager to manage their prescriptions, see how this ground-breaking technology can help your patients.

Ensuring Pharmaceutical Safety

Here at HealthEngine, we’re committed to building technology that drives positive healthcare outcomes for patients; that’s why we partnered with ScriptWise a not-for-profit organisation, which sees Medication Manager as a critical support tool in helping reduce prescription medication misuse in Australia.

Medication Manager Benefits:

  •  Less last-minute bookings for prescriptions
  •  More patient-driven recalls, directly from the app
  •  More patients book return appointments to their prescribing doctor
  •  No setup, or extra admin time required
  •  Live data Prac Admin data on patient leads and retention from Medication Manager
  •  Forgetful patients consistently increase their medication adherence

how it works

How Patients Use Medication Manager

Medication Manager is a free and optional tool patients can enable on their HealthEngine App, to manage their medication remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients opt out?

Yes, Medication Manager is completely controlled by the patients that use the HealthEngine App only. If a patient wants to stop monitoring their medication, they can simply turn it off within the app.

What is the data Security of patient files via the Appointment Connector?

Medication Manager works with HealthEngine’s Appointment Connecter. When data is sent to the patient’s app, we use the most secure, privately owned, Australian-based server to send the encrypted information. This server sits separately to HealthEngine, meaning if anyone attempts to hack our database, they will never get access to or find, your private practice and patient data.

How is the patient notified that medication management is available to them?

The patient will receive a notification inside HealthEngine when they open the app, they will need to opt-in, then manually add any existing or previous medications. From that point on if they go to an appointment, the automated notifications from prescriptions will appear.

How is a new prescription entered into the med-man app?

Medication Manager interacts with Appointment Connector. As soon as the doctor enters in the prescription to the patient’s file, your Practice Management Software (PMS) and Appointment Connector synchronises with HealthEngine’s Server, if a match occurs with a patient using their details, phone number, and app identification, the notification is triggered for Medication Manager (if they have Opted In).

Patients can also manually add in their own medication, and monitor their progress that way; however, for rebooking appointments and getting doctors notes, a practice has to have Medication Manager enabled.

If a patient is entered into the system with different name variations, will this pull from the correct patient file e.g. patient has a new surname etc?

There are a number of ways that HealthEngine verifies patient identification; these include (but are not limited to): Date of Birth, Name, Address, and Mobile Phone Number matching. If we do not have the confidence of a patient’s identity, we do not pull any information.

We do however pick up historical changes, if a patient has their details corrected and it matches an identification, the information will synchronise across.

Why do we collect your medication information?

We collect your medication information to provide you with the medication services of our app, and for other purposes which are authorised or required by law. We may also use your medication information for marketing our goods and services and those of third parties which we believe may be of interest to you, that you may opt out of

If you do not want us to collect your medication information

You are under no obligation to provide us with your medication information, and you can continue to use the other features of our app without doing so. However, if you choose not to permit us to collect your medication information, we will not be able to provide you with the medication-related features of our app.

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